John Edwards Takes The Fight To Hillary Clinton!

This is what I want to hear from my candidate in the fight for the Democratic nomination.   Today John Edwards let the truth rip like the raw winds of November as he took on Hillary Clinton.  These are the words he was to deliver in Iowa this afternoon.

We need Edwards now more than ever.

“How many troops will she withdraw, and when will she withdraw them?” Edwards will ask. “All she’s said is that she will meet with her generals within two months of taking office. That’s not a plan. That’s not even a real promise. It’s the promise of a planning meeting. … Senator Clinton is voting like a hawk in Washington, while talking like a dove in Iowa and New Hampshire. One of her advisors told the New York Times that was because she was shifting from primary mode to general election mode. Well, we only need one mode from our president – tell the truth mode all the time.”

“The candidate who has raised the most money from the health industry – the insurance companies and the drug companies – is not a Republican. It is a Democrat,” Edwards will say. “And actually, this one is most startling to me, the candidate who has raised the most from the defense industry is not a Republican. It is a Democrat. And all those descriptions fit the same candidate – they’re all Senator Clinton. If you actually believe that the system doesn’t work and we have to change it, then you can’t sit at a table with the people who are giving you that kind of money and negotiate at arm’s length,” he will say.

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3 thoughts on “John Edwards Takes The Fight To Hillary Clinton!

  1. Patrick

    Truth? I recently heard that Bush has been quietly advising all the democrats from behind the scenes. He has urged them not to make stupid statements about what they might do in Iraq before they take office. Now, I know many on the left see Bush as unhinged, and my point is not to argue that point here–or ever. But if we harken to those glory days when foriegn policy used to end at the water’s edge, we see that senator clinton’s position–that she would consult with the generals first–is the only responsible position. Lets assume for a moment that any democrat who wins the whitehouse will have more integrity than Bush (I say this to build common ground) and then let us assume that upon hearing the facts from generals the new president sees the situation is a slightly different light than they previously did. I would hope that the new president acted according to the information presented by the generals and advisors. Afterall, the war in Iraq is real and cannot be undone. Edwards’ foolish comments might box him into a situation where his need to please an absolutist anti-war section of citizens conflicts with what he might see as the prudent, but unpopular, thing to do. Making grand statements about Iraq before the election day might cause real problems later. Edwards should be responsible and so should the left. Why would you put forward a candidate and then advocate he or she acted irresponsibly? Is it that you have no faith in their ability to do what is right or that you’re afraid that Bush has been right all along?

    At least you now see that your party is filthy with money too. But come on, do you really think Edwards would say no to money from defense or oil or health-care or china?

  2. maryt

    Hey Deke, how have you been…I missed you so I dropped by! Unfortunately I can’t trust Hillary she is a flip-flopper or says what she thinks the people she’s addressing at the moment want to hear from her. I want to vote for a woman and I will if she wins the nomination but I do think Edwards is truthful but somehow he’s not strong and grabbing me…neither is Obama. I took a quiz and it told me to vote for Dodd. Go figure!

    Come visit me once in a while. 🙂

  3. Jim C

    Well, I believe that of the Candidates running, my selection is for Dodd. I took a poll and Edwards was selected.
    I have checked on the candidates views and policies regarding the housing crisis solution and Chris Dodd voted consistently to protect the children of families and generally the families who find theirselves in a situation where financial protection is needed.
    Clinton does not seem to be out there sponsoring the Senate bill. Edwards has not shown true dedication in regards to a stance on consumer protection.
    HR 3609 and also the companion Senate bill are my major concerns during this period of time. Title 11 and the exclusion of courts managing primary residence because of their lack of power from 1322(b)(2) is my major concern. Hilary is not supporting the Durban effort, so how can I count on her support if elected? Bill was a different deal, he supported consumers.

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