My Prediction For Time Magazine’s 2007 Person Of The Year

Every year I love to make a prediction for Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year. Last year, my prediction was posted on December 4, 2006.  I wrote, “I predict the cover of Time magazine will feature the web mover and shaker, “You Tube” and their creators, as the force that made a most important mark on our lives.”

Though Time had a larger array of user generated internet content that they included in their selection last year, my prediction of “You Tube” was one of those listed as ”You”, as 2006’s “Person Of The Year”.  That is the first time ever that my Time magazine prediction had proved correct.

So this year my prediction is………..

Al Gore.

He has made global warming a topic that every educated person everywhere now feels compelled to do something about.  His global reach and concern over this matter makes him a true citizen of the world.  And he works to encourage us to follow him, and act with care about this planet.

Al Gore will be Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year.
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8 thoughts on “My Prediction For Time Magazine’s 2007 Person Of The Year

  1. Patrick

    If we follow Gore, it will be to the bank where he and GE stand to make an absolute fortune on carbon credits and govt mandated green technologies which GE is lobbying for right now. To udenrstand the truth of “global warming” just follow the money. (notice how GE spends more money lobbying than any other company?) But I’m sure that Time will do what they can to keep the hocus pocus going. They’ll choose Gore.

  2. My pick is Britney Spears because her train wreck of a life should be an example of what NOT to do with your life when you run into a boatload of money in your late teens and early 20’s.

    Maybe Time could have a Sub Category like “Extremely Bad Example of the Year”.

  3. notalib

    Al “Chickenlittle” Gore is the obvious choice. From the far left Hollywood private jet clubs to the politically correct “Peace Prize” committee, ol’ Al is a deadlock to get the award from the liberally driven Time Magazine.

    Congrats Al, your hysteria is lining your pockets nicely and you are creating the type of agenda that public schools in this country love to teach. America evil, rest of the world good.

  4. Marion

    If one buys these green credits and still uses the same amount of energy, how is that a savings to the enviroment? Looks like another big business getting money in deep pockets and no good can come to the earth.

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