Will Lou Dobbs Be Taken Off CNN?


I am not a huge Lou Dobbs fan.  I do not enjoy seeing an angry white guy pretending that he already does not have the best of life in America.  He is wrong on immigration, but just continues to bash the issue over and over again.  But now Lou Dobbs, the anchor of a prime time news hour on CNN, is thinking of announcing a run for the White House.  I am not kidding!  Therefore, it is time for CNN to shove him off the air. He can’t be allowed to campaign from the news channel.

As the Wall Street Journal reports Dobbs thinks others running for the Oval Office, or thinking of running, are out of touch.   Yeah, right Lou.  You are the only sane one.  Please save us.  But first, stop dying the hair Lou. Is is red…..blond…gray…white….

Friends of Mr. Dobbs say he is seriously contemplating a race for the first time, although it’s still unlikely. They spin a scenario under which the acerbic commentator would parachute into the race if Michael Bloomberg, the New York billionaire and favorite of East Coast elites, enters the field as an independent. With Hillary Clinton continuing to score badly in polls in the categories of honesty and integrity, and with the public’s many doubts about Rudy Giuliani and other GOP contenders, Mr. Bloomberg may well see an opportunity to roil the political waters by entering the race late. If so, Mr. Dobbs then sees a niche for a “fourth-party” candidate who could paint the three other contenders as completely out of touch.

I suspect Ross Perot is urging Dobbs to run.  Finally there would be a candidate squirrelier than he was in 1992.

If Dobbs, an angry white guy, runs for the White House,  I think he can upstage Perot. 

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8 thoughts on “Will Lou Dobbs Be Taken Off CNN?

  1. grumps

    If Dobbs “parachutes” into the race by Valentines Day I predict that he’ll be eating a great big Reality Biscuit for Easter Dinner.

    There is a large swathe of America that wouldn’t know Lou Dobbs from Adam’s off ox. It’d be as silly as Kathleen Falk running for Governor.

  2. He is wrong on immigration

    Exactly where is he wrong on immigration?

    I’m not sure if you heard but Spitzer backed down on Drivers Licenses as 70% of liberal New York disagreed.

    80% Nationally.

    Now, if you come out with a blanket statement like this, you should back it up.

    So, where exactly is Mr. Dobbs wrong on immigration?

  3. I do not think the Governor of New York was wrong in his proposals with driver’s licenses. That it became a political issue is not reason to dismiss the idea. At the core of his proposal was common sense.

    Concerning Dobbs….well for one he likes to throw the word ‘terrorist’ around as he discusses immigrants. It is absurd to call those who come from Mexico anything but hopeful people wishing to have a stake in the US economy. And a needed part of our economy too, I might add.

    Finally, a friend of ours from Mexico has lived in Madison for nearly two decades, owns his house, and has created a business. He works and pays taxes; perhaps some of the taxes paid salaries for Republican staffers at the Statehouse to work on illegal partisan projects. ( I just had to add that) Almost two year ago he saw his child graduate from high school and has every right to send his child to a state college. (Yup, I strongly am for this idea.) For the college to take into account this child’s race as one of many factors is not wrong. For somelike Dobbs to suggest otherwise is a slap to an industrious man who fled Mexico with a dream. It also is a backhand to a most intelligent child. I wonder if Dobbs would have the ability to leave his homeland, find a new country, create a business, learn a new language, and succeed like so many from Mexico have done in America? For Dobbs to slam those who have dared to improve their lives is an insult that deserves an apology.

    The issue of immigration has not jelled into what many in the Republican Party had hoped. I think it fair to say the GOP had no idea how many folks on the other side of the issue would become emboldened and activated around the country over this issue. The massive rallies and personal stories in the press have made politicians leery of embracing the more radical ideas of the far right in the nation. On the campaign trail the issue of immigration does not work. Now even the Republicans, in their own way, concede the point that the issue can play both ways.

  4. notalib

    I would not call the people coming from terrorist either, however, they are breaking the laws of my country which makes them illegal and unwanted by the vast majority of Americans. All Americans welcome immigrants to this country and support it, no American should ever encourage law breakers nor welcome them.

    I work with a gal whose boyfriend was deported a few months back, he is slowly working his way back here, I told her don’t let me know when he arrives for I will have him deported again.

  5. daniel makin

    lou dobbs all the way.goofy leftest as yourself i wish would just shut up. people like is what is wrong with this country…. lou dobbs would be the best president ever….. period

  6. I think Lou Dobbs would shake things up. Trust me every day Joes know who Lou Dobbs is. I think what he brings to the race is much. He will split apart coalitions that give us left and right and hopefully out the rubble something new will emerge.

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