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Oshkosh Northwestern Says “Remove Annette Ziegler”

November 29, 2007

The bad press came first.  Now the state newspapers are writing editorials that are thoughtful and hard hitting against judicial corruption.  Annette Ziegler must leave the Supreme Court.

Citizens put their faith in judges to uphold the law. Ziegler’s record raises serious questions about her own ethics, impartiality, and qualifications for our highest court.

Annette Ziegler brings an ethical black cloud to the Supreme Court and the entire Wisconsin judiciary.

The Court of Appeals has the duty to dispel that cloud, re-instill our confidence and prove to the citizens of this great state that Wisconsin’s system of disciplining judges is not broken.
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  1. Debbie Richards permalink
    March 13, 2008 7:47 PM

    I say right along with that though the state needs to follow suit down the rung of the ladder into the circuit court of corruption and get rid of Judge Gritton and Judge Woldt. When the corruption goes so deep and the level of fear is nothing for these men, and that there is actual retalliation instead of apologizing for taking someone’s civil rights from them, they have long lost their original purpose for which they originally took oath and office and they can no longer service the community and the public’s best interests and certainly can no longer serve justice. Justice delayed is justice denied, and here in Winnebago County it has been denied for far too long. The ACLU Is taking a serious look into Judge Woldt’s serious allegations and denial of civil and constitutional rights violations right now and we will see where that goes, but most certainly he is NOT under any immunity right now from the choices he has made both in his judicial capacity and out. It is a very sad day indeed when a judge abuses you in court in front of your abuser and then says in front of your abuser that it is ok.Very sad indeed.

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