Don “Nappy-Headed Ho’s” Imus Is Back On The Radio

No one will ever confuse NPR and Don Imus.  No one will ever confuse good taste with Don Imus.  Perhaps it is just a sign of the times we live in, along with the general public attitude, where someone like Imus can climb back into a radio studio and have an open microphone after proving he is not worthy of such a job.

I know there are many of his listeners who are ready for his return.  They will laugh at his antics, and urge him to test the limits of good taste again and again.  And I am also certain that he will not let them down.  The man has shown his addictive personality over time.  First with drugs in his personal life, and then offensive language and ill tempered remarks on the airwaves for years.  He will not be able to contain his darker side on the air.  It is just his nature.

But I also know that there are millions of others that find his type of radio humor deplorable and outrageous.  That doesn’t make us more moral or correct.  It just means that we care about the airwaves, and have some standards about what we listen to on the radio.  We hope that radio broadcasting can be enlightening, rather than a cesspool of snide remarks and objectionable material.  Having once worked in radio I tend to care more about the role radio plays in our society than others.  Label me old-fashioned, but then consider the alternative such as Don Imus.

Don Imus is back on the air today.  How long will it be before he has set off another verbal bomb of profanity and bad taste?  How many others will be hurt by Imus before we can retire this shock jock?

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5 thoughts on “Don “Nappy-Headed Ho’s” Imus Is Back On The Radio

  1. Patrick

    “Perhaps it is just a sign of the times we live in, along with the general public attitude, where someone like Imus can climb back into a radio studio and have an open microphone after proving he is not worthy of such a job.” I always thought that once people had paid their debt a second chance is warranted. That is certainly a part of our western liberal tradition. I’m sure you would argue that someone who cheated his boss should be allowed another chance to prove himself. What about the considerable good Imus has done through charity? That counts for nothing? Personally, I would never listen to Imus–you’re right that NPR is much better–but I think the guy has paid his dues on this one. He shamed and trashed his own good name, but we should listen and see before we throw him away too. There are worse things in the world than foolish sexist and racist comments.

  2. notalib

    GREAT to have the IMAN back. Considering he never should have been forced off the air to start with. he is back with a bigger contract, a cute little black girl from Harlem who said about herself, “I’m really a Jewish girl from Long Island trapped in this body, which technically makes me a JA-AP” [Jewish African-American Princess],and still knows that Hillary is Satan! It was great to have him back today!

  3. Riddle me this Batman. Do you believe in forgiveness and redemption or do you think Mr. Imus should be thrown on the trash heap of life and his ticket stamped to the road of limbo?

    Mr. Imus is not the threat. Overblown media coverage and hypersensitivity are.

  4. And for all of you under the age of 40. Frank Gorshin was the one and only true Riddler. Jim Carrey should be been whipped and flogged for his bad Riddler impersonation. Do we have that clear? Good.

  5. Ferrell,

    I think that forgivness should be a part of everyone’s nature. However, I do not think that is the issue here.

    As I stated I care about radio content, and the impact it has on our culture. Don Imus can be forgiven, but should not have been allowed to return to the airwaves.

    I recall a time when the words ‘hell’ and ‘damn’ were never heard on the radio. So you might understand how far we have slipped consider the following.

    In March 2007 during just four minutes of air time Don Imus and his producer laughed at ‘beating up faggots’, knocking over Jewish tombstones, setting ‘homeless bums’ on fire, coarsely talking about Anderson Cooper’s sex life, calling Obama a ‘colored man’, wishing that some sissy on “American Idol” would be the victim of a hate crime, and making a nasty comment about Rosie O’Donnell’s private parts. This all falls under the guise of broadcast ‘entertainment’ on our radio in 2007!

    I stand by my post….Don Imus should not be not be on the radio.

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