Wisconsin Representative Steve Wieckert Hypocrite Of The Day

There are times when I wonder how some Wisconsin elected officials look at themselves in the mirror in the morning, and not burst out laughing.  I wonder at other times if they consider how they became so disgusting.  If I seem a bit blunt today it is due to the latest example of what political posturing, and bigotry looks likes when it is combined. 

Representative Steve Wieckert shows us today.

Wieckert was opposed to the idea, when it came time for a vote in the Legislature, to allow all loving couples in Wisconsin to share in the same rights of marriage and the resulting benefits.   He was one of those ‘bright lights’ that made sure there was a constitutional amendment that placed civil rights up for a statewide vote.  Anyone who ever argues that civil rights are are such an unimportant thing that they can be put on a ballot, is full of political malarkey.  Wieckert in the past has rambled on about the sanctity of marriage, and how it had to be defended.  He was never able to concisely inform anyone what exactly it needed to be defended from, but that is the way with these types of Republicans.

But now the Appleton Republican has released a message for a bill he is pushing (LRB 0859) stating  “Marriage is a wonderful thing.  It is something that should be encouraged, not discouraged.”  Did Wieckert include gay people in this bill draft? The disconnect from his previous bile is so stark that it makes anyone with an IQ above the outdoor temperature to sit up and puke.

There are days when the hypocrisy meter in the Statehouse hits red.  This is one of those times.  And I suspect that Wieckert has no inkling that he has done anything wrong.  I bet that he has no awareness that he has argued marriage from both sides.  I also strongly suspect that he has no idea of the disadvantage that his stand against allowing gay people to marry, or to join in civil unions, has effected many Wisconsinites.  The only thing that ever matters to those like Wieckert is how much more power they can assume.  And how recklessly they can wield it.

This is what happens when we allow conservatives to use gay people as wedge issues and political pawns for their own gain.  It is pathetic, and the public should call Representative Wieckert on it.

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