Wisconsin Representative Steve Wieckert Hypocrite Of The Day

There are times when I wonder how some Wisconsin elected officials look at themselves in the mirror in the morning, and not burst out laughing.  I wonder at other times if they consider how they became so disgusting.  If I seem a bit blunt today it is due to the latest example of what political posturing, and bigotry looks likes when it is combined. 

Representative Steve Wieckert shows us today.

Wieckert was opposed to the idea, when it came time for a vote in the Legislature, to allow all loving couples in Wisconsin to share in the same rights of marriage and the resulting benefits.   He was one of those ‘bright lights’ that made sure there was a constitutional amendment that placed civil rights up for a statewide vote.  Anyone who ever argues that civil rights are are such an unimportant thing that they can be put on a ballot, is full of political malarkey.  Wieckert in the past has rambled on about the sanctity of marriage, and how it had to be defended.  He was never able to concisely inform anyone what exactly it needed to be defended from, but that is the way with these types of Republicans.

But now the Appleton Republican has released a message for a bill he is pushing (LRB 0859) stating  “Marriage is a wonderful thing.  It is something that should be encouraged, not discouraged.”  Did Wieckert include gay people in this bill draft? The disconnect from his previous bile is so stark that it makes anyone with an IQ above the outdoor temperature to sit up and puke.

There are days when the hypocrisy meter in the Statehouse hits red.  This is one of those times.  And I suspect that Wieckert has no inkling that he has done anything wrong.  I bet that he has no awareness that he has argued marriage from both sides.  I also strongly suspect that he has no idea of the disadvantage that his stand against allowing gay people to marry, or to join in civil unions, has effected many Wisconsinites.  The only thing that ever matters to those like Wieckert is how much more power they can assume.  And how recklessly they can wield it.

This is what happens when we allow conservatives to use gay people as wedge issues and political pawns for their own gain.  It is pathetic, and the public should call Representative Wieckert on it.

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11 thoughts on “Wisconsin Representative Steve Wieckert Hypocrite Of The Day

  1. Kind of reminds me of teachers using children as wedges to get their own way.

    You know, closing down schools that work as they are a threat to the usual paradigm.

  2. I think this website has taken a good thing and made it for your own agenda. If you want to fight for gay marriage do it on your own way not on the heels of others trying to do something good for a change.
    As a handicapped person I should be allowed to get married like everyone else.
    regarding gay marriage I do believe that it is kind of interfering with the religious view of others to not allow gay marriage simply on the merit of the religious view. Can you not just call it something like An Official Union. Religious people probably wouldn’t care as long as a definition of marriage isn’t changed. As a disabled person I don’t care if I get any of those benefits I just want to get married before I do anything like have children.
    One more thing, a gay couple are ready can have the same benefits as married people have. You just have to get a lawyer and make a legal contract and make some thing like a business agreement. And with regard to insurance you can make anyone you want the beneficiary already.

  3. Tim Carey

    Please do not ruin this bill for disabled people just because you are upset you didn’t get the right to marry yet. Please just let this bill go through and also support it. Remember it doesn’t do anything to hurt your cause for gay marriage. So don’t ruin this because way back when you didn’t get your way. Instead, work on trying to get a bill passed for yourselves. Even if the gay marriage would have been an accepted thing by everyone if a gay person would have happened to be disabled they would have been able to get married.

  4. There are over 1,000 rights and benefits that come with marriage. No other contract provides those rights. Gay couples can not get married today. But as a handicapped person YOU ARE able to marry TODAY.

    There is the difference.

    And here are the benefits you get with marriage that gay couples do not.

    Click to access gao_report.pdf

    And I suspect this next part will sound cold, but if you are disabled and can not make ends meet now, how will you support having children? Or are those unmarried gay couples suppose to pay more in taxes to support the breeding class?

    Just a question.

  5. WOW, that is very COLD.

    But I am wondering if you really understand what this marriage Bill by Stephen Wieckert is actually about. No offense intended.

    I did read the article at the link you provided by Barry R. Bedrick. I do secede that there are many benefits to marriage that a GAY person may want, but I am not sure what that has to do with this new Bill. Also, there are some miscalculation of some of the things actually being a benefit with regard to Medicaid. And some of the statements are just that this and that is a benefit with someone being married without any facts or just that don’t really say that it is a benefit. I can give you examples of them, but what I would like is to explain why I cannot get married. And also why you shouldn’t be against this Bill at all. If you don’t like Stephen Wieckert because he didn’t vote for Gay marriage don’t include destroying this bill as part of you bashing Stephen Wieckert
    Here, I don’t think you really understand what is going on with the current Medicaid. And I don’t know why meeting ends meet has anything to do with Medicaid in situations like myself.
    My medical bills could not be met no matter how good of a job I had. I have nurses that come to my home as well as other medical personnel there. This alone costs over $360,000 and doesn’t count everything else I need medically. Someone would have to have quite a job to have to pay this. Also insurance companies will not take people with preexisting conditions.So I think you would agree I cannot come off of Medicaid with these Bills, Correct?

    To stay on Medicaid there are many rules including keeping my assets under $2,000.01. Now if I were to get MARRIED then my assets joint with my spouse has to be under $3,000.01. So for me to get Medical Care my spouse would have to spend and sell all of her assets. Except the house that we live in and one automobile. Now, spending this down would not take much time at all with these high expenses. The government would not save on this at all. Most likely my spouse would have to leave their job as something that wouldn’t make the assets go above $3,000. And it may mean going on Welfare. And if children come into the picture then government will have to give some kind of assistance if those children go to college. Then there is the fact that my family would be out of giving anything back to society. No sales tax, no income tax, no purchasing and saving for things like an automobile or a house. So the government and society would end up losing on this. So in one instance the government saves a little by taking it from my spouse and then loses out on things for rest of my family’s existence. And back to your statement on making ends meet. Not having to this Bill come into affect actually causes a family into not make ends meet.

    Why should I have to ask the one I love to sell everything? Myself, I don’t see why there should be a difference in anything when you are married.

    Now I get to ask some questions.
    Why don’t you want this bill to be passed?

    If you are gay and sometime in the future you found out you had a genetic disease and that disease made you permanently disabled and gay marriage does become legal, then wouldn’t you hope this BILL would be passed.

    Timothy A Carey

  6. Timothy A Carey

    What would you have Stephen Wieckert do.
    Here’s how it would go. I would like to change a Law in Medicaid and by the way let’s change the whole thing around for gay marriage. So what if this bill talk to about two totally different aspects of marriage.
    This bill does not hurt the rights of gay people. It doesn’t help get gay marriage, but it doesn’t hurt it.

    Again, why do you not want this Bill introduced by Stephen Wieckert to pass?
    I am very interested in hearing your answer to this.
    The only a reason I can see is because you are bidder because you didn’t get your gay marriage Bill passed. Even though at sometime in the future if they make gay marriage legal then this bill would affect gay disabled people.

  7. Austin

    As a gay person who happens to be a special education teacher for high school students with disabilities, I think this bill should pass.

    My question for Rep. Wieckert is this: if you believe members of a certain minority group should have the right to marry without a financial penalty, why discriminate against other consenting adults who want the right to marry?

    If Rep. Wieckert is so deeply concerned about the rights of heterosexual people receiving Medicaid benefits, I hope he has the heart to also extend such compassion to non-heterosexual people!

    I hope all concerned voters will contact Rep. Wieckert to thank him for supporting people with disabilities and urging him to support the right of same-sex couples to marry. I just sent a letter through his website’s “contact us” section.

    – Austin

  8. Thanks Austin for writing.

    I too have no problem with the actual bill. The whole post started out over the anti-gay crap that GOP Representative Steve Wieckert spouts. But the guts of the bill are needed, and should pass.

    Thank you for writing.

  9. Timothy A Carey

    Thank you Austen and also others that posted on January 2, 2008. And that you think the bill should pass.
    What I wasn’t happy about is those that say it shouldn’t pass simply because gay marriage didn’t pass.
    In my opinion Stephen Wieckert didn’t create this bill just to further go away from gay marriage.
    Before I called Stephen Wieckert over to my house, who owns a housing development behind my house, to talk about issues relating to people with disabilities and Medicaid he didn’t know anything about the marriage penalty for people with disability.
    In fact he didn’t even believe that such a policy existed after speaking with me until he had his people checking out. In 2006 he did work on getting started changing this and other issues with Medicaid for people with disabilities. But he had to redo it for late 2007.
    What you have to understand is that not every one believes the same as every one in Madison Wisconsin and just because this bill has to do with marriage doesn’t mean you is about trying to further get people away from gay marriage.

    I don’t really know Stephen Wieckert personally. Even though we are on a first name basis.

    But some people on this topic thread on this website don’t seem to want this bill. I’m not sure why not.


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