How Do God And Jesus Always Get Wrapped Up In The Murky World Of GOP Politics?

The mixing of politics and religion on the campaign trail always makes me nervous, and mindful of what my old civics teacher in a small Wisconsin school taught me.  The two should not meld in our form of government.  Ever.  He was a bright man and a respected teacher.  I think he passed away a few years ago, but know with certainty that he would hate this election cycle. 

As I follow the political news I find more and more to be troubled by as we wind our way to Iowa early next year.  I do not need to know about what Mormons think the afterlife is like, or desire to know Mike Huckabee said, “I hope we answer the alarm clock and take this nation back for Christ.”  That is just not what the Founding Fathers designed, or intelligent people hope for in this land.

A robust and detailed examination of foreign policy would be ideal, but trying to become the minister of the nation is not what this election is all about.  Or any election.

The way that some of the candidates are trivializing the race for the White House should anger us.  We have endured 7 years of Bush and Company treating the Constitution like a piece of toilet paper, and we are instead listening to a yokel who once said that school shootings are “the winds of spiritual change in a nation that has forgotten its God.”  What the hell………!

How do God and Jesus always get wrapped up in the murky world of GOP politics?

I am not alone with my utter disgust over the shameless way that the GOP is using religion this year.  Today a wonderful column was printed in the St. Petersburg Times that demands a read.

When the church, either deliberately or inadvertently, separates people along what I consider to be artificial lines — ethnicity, sexual orientation, wealth and political affiliation — it is a primary source of the nation’s toxic culture wars.

And so we have Romney, the Mormon, and Huckabee, the Southern Baptist, vying for the presidency. Romney claims to believe that every word in the Book of Mormon is true. Huckabee professes to believe that every word in the Holy Bible is true.

Many voters say they do not care about a politician’s religious beliefs. I do. In fact, I do not want religious beliefs to enter into government and policymaking in any form.

Religion should be a private matter.

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5 thoughts on “How Do God And Jesus Always Get Wrapped Up In The Murky World Of GOP Politics?

  1. goofticket

    When you have no platform, of any value. When the record of the GOP’s use of majority has resulted in overwhelming negatives, for the nation.
    And when the real issues are side-stepped to religion, you can see the pattern.

    They didn’t steal the cookie Mom, it was their evil twin.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. One of the hallmarks of a democracy – a TRUE democracy – is the freedom to worship whoever you want, or chose to not worship anyone at all. Huckabee and Romney both scare me.

  3. Freefall

    Frankly, Obama has exhibited a level of religiosity in his speeches that turns me off, too. No need for me to decide between Huckabee and Romney; neither is on my list for other reasons. But we need more scrutiny of some Dems on this issue, too.

  4. The idea of candidates keeping their Religion private seems favorable in concept; however I truly believe it would create more problems then it would fix. People’s religious beliefs effect their decision making process.

    Religious beliefs effect the candidate’s moral compass which in turn effects policy.

    To ask our candidates to hide or privatize their religious beliefs encourages the American public to be blind voters. By understanding a candidate’s religious beliefs we can better understand what they stand for, and therefore make a more educated choice.

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