Ryan White’s Mom Says Mike Huckabee Should Not Treat AIDS Like “Dirty Word”

There is justifiable national outage over the comments made by GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee, regarding people with AIDS.  The latest headline maker to punch back at the southern presidential wanna-be is the mother of Ryan White.

In a telephone interview Monday with The Associated Press from her home in Leesburg, Fla., White’s mother said: “It’s very important to me that we don’t live in the darkness” — citing a time when people thought AIDS was transmitted through casual contact, such as by “kissing, tears, sweat and saliva.” She said: “We have to treat this disease like a disease, and like Ryan always said, not like a dirty word.”

To help educate Huckabee, another one of those politicians with a  drawl that hopes to ‘lead’ the nation, Mrs. White has offered to meet with the former Arkansas Governor. 

Huckabee who at times seems more interested in running as national pastor also has a belief that homosexuality is a “sin.”

His moralizing has no place in a nation that is seeking to right the state of ship after hitting the rocks for the past seven years.  By trying to win the nomination with such horrible rhetoric, Huckabee  is just another  shameful example of someone who wishes us to think he is deeply religious.  Though religion should have no place in our presidential election discussion, Huckabee hopes to play the evangelical voters by using such hateful speech. 

Those types of voters might recall that President Bush wanted them to think he was a reader of the Bible too.

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Awesome Winter Snow In Madison, Wisconsin


 The city is slowing down again as the snow falls so heavy at times that it makes pictures seem foggy.


Did we take a wrong turn at Albuquerque?


Waiting for a pooch




Slumber time


If we make it through December

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White House Press Secretary Unsure What Cuban Missile Crisis Was

Starting in early 2000 I have been hard on George Bush, primarily as I do not feel that he is a knowledgeable man, nor curious to understand things he is not aware of.  He has no intellectual heft.  All of his problems stem from this flaw.  However, I can and do respect many conservatives who have a keen mind, and continually examine the world they live in.

Having said that, let us examine Dana Perino.  What a White House airhead.

This all only underscores my long-time beefs about the lack of teaching history correctly, the dumbing down of our nation, and the lack of intelligence in the White House.

There are days when I think we are being swallowed by mediocrity.  Today is one of them.  And it feels awful.

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