City Of Madison Street Crews Do A Good Job

Many things have been said about the Madison city street crews this past month.  Most of it has been off the mark. The fact that we have had five storms in 10 days, and some residents seem to not wish to abide by parking laws, has made the life of the Madison city street crew most difficult.   I have read letters in the paper, and in the “Sound Off” section giving them heck….or worse.

So here is my quick story that paints the crew in a new light. One that I think is representative of the city.

While James was shoveling the sidewalks this afternoon he heard the city snow truck rumbling towards him.  The driveway was clean at the time the truck passed, but once the plow had finished there was a mound of hard snow waist high.  James started to remove the pile, and was making very slow progress given the weight and compactness of the snow, when he heard the truck rumbling along his way again.    The truck came back down the street plowing the other half, when James waved it down.  After explaining that the drive had been all done the city driver said “no problem”, and moved his truck and blade to haul the snow out.  He then plowed it into a pile along the curb where it needed to be.  He was happy to help.  I think he is the norm for the City of Madison.  Not just because he helped us, but from what I know of those who do such work.

He commented that all the streets would look a lot better if he was able to do his job without all the cars littering the street.  Before some complain about the roads in Madison they might first ask what they had done to make the work of a city street crew possible during a Wisconsin winter.