Reverend Jesse Jackson And Cedrick King


Every now and then I meet someone who truly impresses me.  As my readers know a curious mind, and an appreciation of history are sure-fire ways to get my attention.  Tonight Cedrick King, a seventh grader from Milton, Wisconsin did just that very thing.  He was seated behind me during an event in Madison celebrating the 90th birthday of the Capital Times, the progressive afternoon newspaper.   The main draw for the celebration was the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who had a wonderful conversation conducted by John Nichols in front of the 300 attendees.

Cedrick had mentioned to me before the event started that he had studied Martin Luther King, Jr. in history class, and was interested in Jesse Jackson due to the two civil rights activists being together on the fateful day in April 1968.  He was truly happy to be at the event.  As one of the younger faces in the crowd, his interest was wonderful to see. 

As the event concluded I placed my hand on Cedrick’s shoulder and guided him up to the stage where Nichols then helped him up to stand next to Jackson.  Soon Cedrick was shaking hands with an amazing man, and a truly remarkable politician.

And Jesse Jackson was shaking hands with an interesting young man.


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