Lieberman Kicks Democrats Again

I am waiting for the results of the 2008 elections, which I hope will increase the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate enough so we no longer require Joe Lieberman to help maintain our majority.

Lieberman is set to endorse GOP presidential candidate John McCain for the White House.

Lieberman seems more at home with the dark side of politics.  In 2009 I say we cut him loose and let him go to the GOP.

One thought on “Lieberman Kicks Democrats Again

  1. The Democrats cut Senator Lieberman loose long ago. When Al Gore endorsed Howard “I Can’t Yell” Dean’s Presidential candidancy over his. Why is it if a politician has the slightest conservative tendencies that he has suddenly gone to the dark side? If the Dems want to cut him loose, fine. Senator Lieberman would be most welcome here on the Death Star.

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