Fred Thompson “Not Interested In Running For President”

Fred Thompson was at one time the candidate that Republicans hoped would lead them to the Oval Office again.  But when Thompson hit the campaign trail he was no more exciting than a sparkler on July 4th.  For all the Hollywood hype, Thompson the presidential wannabe, turned out to be a dud.

Today, according to CNN the limp candidate confirmed what we already knew.

“I’m not particularly interested in running for president,” the former senator said at a campaign event in Burlington when challenged by a voter over his desire to be commander-in-chief.

The former actor has criticized his rivals for launching their presidential bids months ahead of his, and continually touts the fact he hasn’t harbored presidential ambitions his whole career.

“I am not consumed by personal ambition,” Thompson also said Saturday. “I’m offering myself up.”

“I’m only consumed by a few things and politics is not one of them.”

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2 thoughts on “Fred Thompson “Not Interested In Running For President”

  1. Mark

    Wow, if he’s this uninterested and lazy while running how much effort would he put into being in office if he got elected Prez? What an ego to boot to say he’s “offering himself up?” I may not agree with all the candidates, but most of them are passionate about their beliefs and very much want the job. Why would I was my vote on a lazy ego maniac like Thompson?

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