Political Cartoons Of Election 2008


Nothing can cut so close to the truth as the creative political cartooning in America’s newspapers.  Whatever the news on the front page of the New York Times or Washington Post, the summation of political events can best be found in the witty and satirical images and captions of the folks with the wit and spin.  I am most thankful for those who draw the political cartoons.

There are over 100 such delightful political cartoons here…and a few funny ones from that site below.


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5 thoughts on “Political Cartoons Of Election 2008

  1. These are great! I like the Kerry one. Georgia’s own legislator John Lewis flipped today from supporting Hillary over to Obama. He says he is following the wishes of the voters in his district. He is also a superdelegate to the convention.

  2. jwa3x

    Ha some of these are so classic! If you’re into these, I know Daryl Cagle put together a ‘best of 2008’ book that has some really funny cartoons in it.

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