Mitt Romney’s Mormon Underwear


UPDATED (with rules for wearing the underwear)

Some have commented to me that I always seem so serious about the issues that I post about on my blog.  So I thought I would start the week off with something a bit lighter.  This picture was sent by a friend, and seems to fit with both the political theme of the blog, and the ‘need’ to lighten the mood here at times.  Tell me the next time you see Mitt on TV you will not crack a smile.

It was not until I saw the movie “Latter Days”, a gay themed movie a few years ago that I discovered Mormons wore special underwear.  No kidding, I was rather perplexed about it too. Even Mike Wallace from CBS’s “60 Minutes” seems amused by the underwear.

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219 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Mormon Underwear

  1. zeeh

    pls stop making fun of people.Because i believed that mormons are nice people and they help people whos in need.just pls stop..they didnt even do anything wrong.theyre good people,just to let all of yah.pls dont start a religion descrimination.cause people have different religion too..dont make fun of them!

  2. LDS and PROUD!!

    If you think that the Mormon church is a “Cult”.. Then i suggest you get your facts straight!
    Honestly, don’t speak about what you DO NOT KNOW!
    It’s not “underwear” as you call it. It’s garments. An extra layer of SACRED protection.
    I would STRONGLY suggest you take this post off!

    1. stupidmormons

      hey ummm.. excuse me but the mormons are a cult my boyfriend is a mormon and he is trying to quit the church and yeah he says its a cult all the time and hates it and its prety wacky.. btw.. yep IT IS A CULT!!

      1. paisli

        So if your boyfriend told you the sky was red would you believe him? Its best to research from every perspective before you pretend you are right. Your boyfriend seems to just be angry or hurt. Its ok…someday he’ll get over it.
        I am sorry that all of you have boring lives that you have to mock and hurt other peoples beliefs. I wish you could truly understand how hurtful it is that you posted that picture up like that. And our garments aren’t to control women. Obviously as you can see the men are pretty covered too. And If I wanted to wear a thong made out of candy for my husband… That I can do. There is more to those garments than you have knowledge to. I have plenty of humor. I completely understand to some, my religions is very different and I don’t expect you to understand or agree with it. You should just learn when you’ve gone too far.

  3. A Mormon

    Distinctive clerical clothing is often worn by many religious people and leaders, including (for example) a catholic priest, who in many cases will wear it not only while acting in a pastoral capacity but in public.

    Mormon’s (like catholic priests) make certain promises to God in their capacity. ‘Mormon underwear’ is worn underneath the clothing, as a symbol of these promises, much like the special clothing worn by a priests, only Mormon’s special clothing as a reminder of this, is worn underneath the clothing instead of outwardly.

    1. Smart Person

      I personally have no problems, with Mormons or any other religion. I am Catholic but I have Muslim, Mormon, Baptist,and Budist friends. I believe there is a place for everyone in Heaven. Out of curiousity, do all Mormons wear the under garmet and is the under garmet a “permanent” garmet,I mean do Mormons wear it even when they shower? I know it’s a stupid question, but I found out that members of the FLDS which I know is NOT Mormon, but is kinda Mormon, wear their undergarmets for life 100% of the time. Please email me back if you have any info.

      1. quick answer

        @ smart person: I don’t wear them when I shower, and as far as I know members of the church as a whole don’t either. We’re also told we don’t need to swim in them or wear them during sex. Besides these 3 things (to my knowledge), they’re to be worn all of the time. Not all Mormons wear them. Thanks for asking and also for being open and kind to people of all religions.

        @ admin: I think this is a ridiculous picture and shameful on your part. It is in no way funny to mock things that are sacred to someone and I also agree and state LOUDLY that you need to take this picture off your site.

        1. See here is my problem.

          Read your own words.

          “We’re also told we don’t need to swim in them or wear them during sex”.

          You need someone to tell you to take off your underwear for sex!

          The Mormon guy (20?) that came to my door last summer told me after my asking they were to be worn so it was less easy to masturbate. The other guy with him laughed, and it was clear that idea needed to be re-thought.

          But they get credit for being honest.

  4. dee

    what’s wrong with the garments (or the underwear), by the way? don’t you wear any underclothes yourself? for sure you have a reason for wearing your undies or for choosing a particular piece of underwear. Why make an issue on the mormon garment?

    the garments are made of 100% cotton or 50/50 cotton/polyester. i say it is comfortable to wear the 100% cotton. i’ve been wearing my garments for the last 10 years and i see nothing wrong with it. I prepared myself to become worthy to wear the garments.

    you are entitled to your own thoughts. that is part of your freedom. do something good once in a while if you have the chance.

  5. Danny

    LDS are no more a cult than Seventh Day Adventists, Jehova’s Witnesses, Baptists, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindu’s or any other people who have been graced with metaphysically revealed knowledge.

    Just because “Mormons” have only had this knowledge for a little less then 200 years doesn’t make them any more of a cult than Branch Dravidians, Scientologists, or Falun Dafa.

    1. Perspective Convert

      I believe Scientology to be a cult. I have researched well. To compare the church of LDS to Scientology is a slap in the face to all Mormans. I am not yet a Morman but have been visited by the missionaries and am reading the book of Morman and praying that my answer will be revelaed to me in God’s time. Just because you don’t believe what they do does not mean they are bad people, it just means they have different beliefs, it’s that simple. God the Father should be left in charge of the ‘judging’ as no man here on earth is without sin or worthy to judge others.

      1. MA.moore

        I am gratefull for your comment as it saddens me as a Member to see what these people say about the church. Hopefully you will recieve the propmtings that you need to make your decision and not based on what has been said. God Bless

  6. A Mormon


    I hope someday you decide to educate yourself about the Mormons. Your lack of understanding isn’t shameful, but your mockery of things that are sacred to others certainly is, by any good person’s standard. In any event, as a Mormon, I’ve found nothing but good in my faith–principles and truths that lead me to better myself and grow closer to my family and to God. I’d invite you to learn from the source; our meetings are open to all. All the best to you,


  7. troschne

    I think I’m quite well-enough educated about the Mormons, and the hatred they spewed the past couple of months in California, so if those of us that you persecute want to make fun of your wierdo underwear, I think we’re more than entitled. And may God, and not Joseph Smith, bless you. Have a nice day living in your little twilight zone.

    1. Reagan

      It’s not just the Mormons who are against same-sex marriage. Many other christian organizations are too. Also, I don’t know what the “God, and not Joseph Smith, bless you.” thing was about… but thank you. As a Mormon, I pretty much get ALL my blessings from Heavenly Father and his son. 🙂 – so thanks for sending another my way!

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