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Mitt Romney’s Mormon Underwear

January 28, 2008


UPDATED (with rules for wearing the underwear)

Some have commented to me that I always seem so serious about the issues that I post about on my blog.  So I thought I would start the week off with something a bit lighter.  This picture was sent by a friend, and seems to fit with both the political theme of the blog, and the ‘need’ to lighten the mood here at times.  Tell me the next time you see Mitt on TV you will not crack a smile.

It was not until I saw the movie “Latter Days”, a gay themed movie a few years ago that I discovered Mormons wore special underwear.  No kidding, I was rather perplexed about it too. Even Mike Wallace from CBS’s “60 Minutes” seems amused by the underwear.

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  1. August 26, 2012 3:24 PM


    There is a clear sense to me, from reading and research that in fact the Mormon path is a cult. From how this group was founded in a most tortured sense of logic that allows one to see it as a total fraud, to the way it has manipulated itself among members and society there is no way not to define it as a cult. The way it weaves itself in the very fabric and mindset of its followers allows my definition to stand.

    Consider the naked touching in the Mormon church……this from a Mormon who penned the following….

    The first thing you go through when receiving your endowment for the first time is the washing and anointing. You strip naked and are given what is called a “shield” to wear. It’s a big white oval of fabric, worn like a poncho, but open at the sides. It is true that you’re not 100% naked, but I think that the difference is splitting hairs. (If you don’t believe me, run out into the street with nothing one but a blanket over your head and see if they don’t try to charge you with indecent exposure.)

    The washing and anointing both consist of various parts of the body being touched by the fingertips of the temple worker performing the ordinance. They use a drop of water or oil on their fingertips, hence washing and anointing. They say a sort of prayer for the good health and function of each of the involved body parts. Unlike other priesthood ordinances, men wash and anoint men and women wash and anoint women.

    The parts of the body include the head, each ear, the eyes (I think it was across the brow), nose (bridge), lips, neck (nape), shoulders, back, breast (center of chest if I remember right), arms and hands (touch in one motion along length of each arm), vitals and bowels (point on the side, I think), loins, legs and feet (touch in one motion along length of each leg). The loins are supposed to be done by touching the side of the person parallel to their genitals, but more than one man has reported that perverted temple workers directly rubbed down the front of their penises. They seem to try to get away with it more with first-time missionaries who are young and don’t know better.

    [Incidentally, I may have forgotten one or more parts.]

    The ordinance is performed in a cubicle divided in quarters by sheet-like fabric covering the washing and anointing “rooms”. Each space is barely large enough for two people. The first section is an anteroom, the second for washing, the third for anointing, the fourth for being clothed in the temple garments (underwear). In the last one, they have you step into a one-piece temple underwear garment.

  2. Fred Richardson permalink
    August 26, 2012 2:11 PM

    Deke Rivers, Why don’t you say what religion you are? My bet is that you are none or don’t participate in it if you do belong. You call us a cult and that shows your ignorance on the definition of a cult. We worship the same Jesus Christ and God the Father as all other religions. If we are a cult, they are cults too. I think you just like to see your picture on here, because you don’t have anything intelligent to say, on the subject

  3. Cissy Walshaw permalink
    August 24, 2012 3:32 PM

    The astronomical amount of money which the Mormons spent in California, and the direct orders which it formulated and issued to its membership for their assigned, mandatory roles in the Mormons’ effort to defeat the California gay marriage amendment is not something most ‘devout’ Mormons want to talk about – or are even willing to admit to. The facts are easily available, however, and they are indisputable.

    Since I’m not a Mormon, I will talk about this problematic Mormon behavior – and talk about it – and talk about it – to any concerned American citizen who will listen. It is frightening to me that the Mormon church was willing to spend almost one billion dollars of its own funds to fight the California gay marriage amendment, and that this organization’s top hierarchy had no problem whatsoever with ordering huge numbers of its members to participate directly and actively in this unprecedented, formal, ‘religious’ attack on a secular/civil/political issue which should have been decided by California citizen/voter/taxpayers.

    The horrendous bias and the blatant, deliberate, hysterical, disinformation campaign which was waged by the Mormons against this California civic issue was shameful and frightening to me as an American citizen. Furthermore, no Christians whom I have ever known would have embarrassed themselves so publicly by repeating such deliberate disinformation and innuendo and rumor, and in such obedient lockstep with their ‘leaders’ orders.

    My great fear is that if this organization can call itself a religion when it suits its purposes to avoid paying taxes and to entice people to join its numbers – but then it deliberately turns around and so boldly organizes itself to influence an election outcome with such an unconscionable amount of money and with specific, direct, orders to its members as to their specific, assigned roles and their specific appearance schedules which they must keep, the specific ‘sound bites’ they each are to speak or to demonstrate, and design each of the blatant lies they are to repeat, what other deliberate breach of Americans’ U S Constitutional rights is this powerful, rich, and highly secretive, ‘religious’ organization willing to undertake?

    The Mormon organization has a permanent, ongoing, history, ever since its inception in New York less than 200 years ago, of deliberate and knowing civil disobedience to the laws of various American states, as well as refusing to obey a great many of our American federal laws. These incidents of deliberate law-breaking are easily discoverable facts, and some Mormon members, even now in 2012, continue these public, direct, bold, acts of civil disobedience to both state and U S civil and criminal laws, with the full knowledge and approval of the top hierarchy of this Mormon organization.

    I do not believe that we American citizens are ready to run the risks of having to go to war with this organization – again – to make them understand that we American citizens have a Bill of Rights which definitely frowns on – even if it doesn’t prohibit outright – these kinds of aggressive, egregious, specifically organized, powerfully funded, behaviors by any American “religious” organization.

    Mr. Romney has full knowledge and awareness of all these deliberate, spiteful, and hateful behaviors – yet he seems unwilling, or unable, to acknlowledge any of them, or to make any kind of attempt to instruct his shadowy Mormon ‘leaders’ that their official behaviors in Callifornia were not appropriate toward their own orgaization’s members – or in the interest of protecting ALL American citizens’ guaranteed constitutional rights.

    The Mormons simply cannot have it both ways on this constitutional issue.

  4. deblars permalink
    May 7, 2012 11:48 PM

    Don’t even dare to compare a Catholic Priest to a mormon! Jesus brought the Catholic church to us and the mormons are just crazy ass wackos. Sorry but it is the truth. The true faith did not start in the US and send “god” from a planet in outer space. You are all nuts.

  5. Waaawaawaa permalink
    April 25, 2012 2:00 AM

    Lol, it’s ok to make fun of Mormons… just like it’s ok to make fun of every other religion… just like it’s ok for those nutjobs to practice their religion. Making fun of != persecution.

  6. cynthia permalink
    February 29, 2012 7:06 PM

    Even though I’m commenting on 29 Feb 2012, I found this “cartoon” really relevant, as I was just joking with a friend that if Mitt Romney came out and admitted he wore “special Mormon underwear,” I’d probably vote for him! Or maybe not…

  7. sc34441 permalink
    February 14, 2012 1:56 AM

    The underwear are kinda sexy.

  8. alex wilds permalink
    February 12, 2012 8:48 AM

    While I do not think Mormonism is particularly more invalid than some other well established religions, anyone who believes that an admitted con man like Joseph Smith found the word of god on plates of gold and special glasses that allowed him alone to read them just before the plates magically (and very conveniently) disappeared, is obviously quite gullible (not playing with a full deck, as they say). Also, while I can see that polygamy might have its points, The idea that a man should have 60 wives (referred to as “cows”) like Brigam Young is pretty sick and utterly sexist. Mormons are very nice people (most simpletons are), but hardly in a position to preach morality to the sane people of the world.
    Have fun in your funky underwear.

  9. Lisa permalink
    December 29, 2011 11:57 AM

    Oh, BTW… These pictures remind me of what the liberals did when they took a picture of a woman in a patriotic themed bathing suit touting a rifle. It does nothing to support the fact that these are ideals that we hold dear (1st Amendment Rights). Your picture does NOTHING to support them. Rather, it makes it a mockery!

  10. Lisa permalink
    December 29, 2011 11:52 AM

    What strikes me with amazement is how our USA liberal culture accepts Muslims and other cultures and thinks nothing of their clothing habits, including berkahs, etc. It’s gotten to the point that even JROTC has made exceptions for young women to wear them as an acceptable part of the uniform. HOWEVER, God forbid that a CHRISTIAN would wear a sacred garment- oh my!
    Your ignorance and lack of tolerance for a very fine man of VIRTUES astounds me!

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