Our Answering Machines In Wisconsin Before Presidential Primary


As is quite clear in all my postings on this blog I credit the sources when they are used.  When this post first was published here I did not know the source as it was sent to me in an email.   I now know it came from here.  And now it is sourced.    But thanks to those who brought it to my attention.  I try to get it right all the time…at times I slip. 

[Beep!] Hello, this is Barack Obama reminding you to come out and vote for me on Tuesday. Together we can bring hope and change to America. Thank you.

[Beep!] Hello, this is Hillary Clinton. If you agree that we need a new direction in America, please vote for me. I have the experience needed to hit the ground running on day one. Thank you.

[Beep!] Hi, Barack again. Did Hillary just call you? Look, she and I were friends before the primary season and we’ll be friends after. But right now she’s just acting crazy, understand? Vote for me and I may let you stand next to me at my inauguration.

[Beep!] Hillary here. Barack’s feeding you a line ‘o crap and he knows it. Not only will I let you stand next to me at my inauguration, but I’ll give you the cabinet position of your choice. You have to admit, that’s pretty sweet. Love ya!

[Beep!] Hey, it’s Barack. Love ya more. Wanna be my VP?

[Beep!] Oh, he’s not gonna make you vice president and he knows it!

[Beep!] Will too!

[Beep!] Will not!

[Beep!] This is Chelsea Clinton. Have you seen my mom or my dad? I’m supposed to be at a rally with ’em but there’s no one here. Today’s Nebraska, right?

[Beep!] Hi, this is Oprah. Despite what the Clinton campaign says, I am not going to crush your skull between my thighs if you don’t vote for my man Barack. That would let you off too easy! Hint hint.

[Beep!] Hi, Barack again. That wasn’t Oprah. That was Hillary pretending to be Oprah. You see how these people work? I think it’s… Oh, wait, it was Oprah. Never mind. Vote for me!

[Beep!] Hi, this is Chuck Norris. I’m hiding behind your bathroom door, and as soon as you come in to pee I’m gonna break every bone in your Defeatocrat body. I’ll start with your femurs.

[Beep!] Hi, this is Mike Gravel. Chuck’s hanging by his underwear from a hook on the back of your bathroom door. The police are on their way. Wish I could stay but I’ve gotta stop a meteor that’s hurtling toward Earth. Have a nice pee.

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I Was On-Air With WGN’s Steve And Johnnie’s “Life After Dark” Radio Show

There is a lesson in this post.  Never let your little dreams be forgotten.

As a teenager one of my favorite radio stations to listen to was WGN (AM 720) where a wide variety of topics were to be found being discussed daily, and where the talk show hosts were always just ‘real folks’ who happened to have a broadcasting career.  It was from those men and women that I found additional inspiration to enter broadcasting myself after high school.  As a young man in 1982 I landed my own radio job at WDOR in Sturgeon Bay, but my ambition at that time was to be hired one day at the famed Tribune Tower in Chicago.  Instead my love of politics took me in a different direction, but the long held dream of someday being on WGN Radio stayed with me.  Finally early Wednesday morning I made it on the airwaves of WGN as part of Steve and Johnnie’s “Life After Dark” radio show that dominates Chicago late night radio.   WGN can be heard in over 30 states at night, and worldwide on the internet.

Each Tuesday night they devote a portion of an hour segment of their nearly six-hour talk show to the topic of cars.  As such from time to time they like to talk on-air with car buyers about the pros and cons of their recent purchase.  I bought a new VW Beetle in mid-January and contacted them with the news.  Within hours their producer had called me back saying they would be interested in doing a segment on my car.  At the time my appearance on the show was to be in March.  However, earlier this week an opening on the show took place moving my  ‘on-air’ time to Wednesday morning at 2:oo A.M.  (Today)

It was a blast, and highly conversational in tone.  For about 20 minutes I gave my views on the latest version of the VW Beetle, including the changes in exterior molding, seat design, engine performance, and over-all appeal.  To be honest for a guy who never knew much about cars in general, I have many thoughts about the actual cars I have bought and owned.  It was also good to discover this morning that I am not alone when I name my cars….but that might be a separate post.  It was a real kick to be on the airwaves again, and this time over WGN Radio!    And Steve and Johnnie made it easy and fun.

This dream of mine can only be really understood by other radio junkies, such as our neighbor who once worked in broadcasting, and then also drifted into politics.  Her voice inflections Tuesday night upon hearing the news that I would be on the air told me she understood what I was feeling.

Those who appear on the car portion of the show are always given a nice ‘goodie’ as a way of saying thanks, but as James looked at me and smiled, we both knew I would have done this for nothing.

Steve and Johnnie have been highly mentioned before on this blog, as I have been inviting them into my home for most of their WGN career.  In fact,  I was listening to Steve King back during his WIND days.  At a time when a growing number of radio personalities aim to hit the gutter with comments and actions, it is wonderful to know that ratings success can come to folks like Steve and Johnnie year after year for genuine broadcasting excellence.  WGN is a rare breed of radio station, and “Life After Dark” is a rare treat for night owls in America.  Today, in a small way I was part of the action as my dream finally came true.

Never let your little dreams be forgotten.

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Barack Obama Performed Skillfully Tuesday Night

While Barack Obama, the best hope for the Democratic Party this year made a powerful speech in Madison, he was also performing skillfully where it matters.  At the polls on the East coast.

“He really cracked the Clinton coalition,” ABC’s George Stephanopoulos reported on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday. “If he gets these kind of numbers in Texas and Ohio, he will be the nominee.” “Obama won white men in Maryland and Virginia alike. He won 84 and 90 percent of blacks,” ABC’s Gary Langer writes in his dissection of the exit polls.“Obama narrowly won the few Hispanic voters in Virginia; he’d won Hispanics just once before, in Connecticut. Obama’s overall vote margins in the two states were his widest, outside his home state of Illinois, in any primary where fewer than four in 10 voters were African-Americans. He won women in both states, something he’s done outside states with larger black turnout only in Delaware, Iowa and his home state of Illinois. Indeed, in Virginia, Clinton won white women by a scant 6-point margin; he won them by 18 points in Maryland.”

There have been times this year that I was troubled with the exit polling for Barack Obama.  Not so last night!  If this galvanizing of the Democratic Party continues we will have our nominee on March 4th after Texas and Ohio have cast ballots.

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