Bullshit President Bush! My Reaction To His Rhetoric On Darfur

I simply am aghast at the comments made today by President Bush in an interview to the BBC.  It amazes me how he says things without ever realizing how tortured and twisted his ‘logic’ is, or how horrible his policies have been around the globe.

Not for the first time do I write about Darfur.  There is genocide ravaging this region of Sudan, and the world community has been slow in taking steps that truly will combat the core reasons for the carnage.  But after reading President Bush’s comments today I can honestly say I have never been more angry over the lack of a reasonable and justified response from the United States to that issue than I am now.

First, let me post the question and response.

Frei: I’ll get on to that in a minute. But, I mean, genocide is just a loaded – it’s such an important word. And you have committed troops – American troops around the world in other cases throughout… Afghanistan. Why not in this case?

Mr Bush: Well, that’s a good question. I mean, we’re committing equipment, you know? Training, help, movement. I think a lot of the folks who are concerned about America into another Muslim country. Some of the relief groups here just didn’t think the strategy would be as effective as it was. I mean, actually, believe it or not, listen to people’s opinions. And chose to make this decision. It’s a decision that I’m now living with. And it’s a decision that requires us to continue to rally the conscience of the world and get people to focus on the issue. You know, you’re right. I mean, we sent marines into Liberia, for example, to help stabilise the country there. And Liberia’s on my itinerary where I’ll meet with the first woman, you know, elected president in Africa – history. And – but, I just made the decision I made.

Bush’s rationale is partly due to his thinking that perhaps we should not send troops to yet another Muslin country.  Well if we had not sent troops into a needless war in Iraq that was promoted on false and misleading arguments from his own White House, we still might have some credibility left in the world to combat real problems such as Darfur.  It is exactly because of the reckless war that President Bush created in a Muslim nation that now is his argument for not going into Darfur to assist in ending genocide!

How did the BBC reporter not reach out and slap President Bush across the face?

Then later in the interview this exchange took place as reported by the BBC.

Asked by Matt Frei if he felt he had got the credit he deserved for investment in Africa,  Mr Bush replied: “I’m not one of these guys that really gives a darn about opinion. What I really care about is are we saving lives?”

No Mr. President, you do not care about saving lives or you would save the sanctimonious line of crap and actually do something to fight for the ones you labeled earlier in the interview as being the victims of genocide.   You said in the interview that “I think a lot of the folks who are concerned about America into another Muslim country”  as if to say opinion matters now in Darfur, but we all know public opinion counted for nothing in regards to your policy goals when the topic was Iraq.  You seem to act regardless of public opinion so why not now?   And in this case everyone knows that Darfur is a real crisis, not a fabricated one for political purposes.  Your double-speak about public opinion is utter bullshit. 

The total disregard that Bush has for the opinions of others is exactly the reason we have our asses getting kicked in Iraq.  The whole world marched and pleaded not to invade Iraq but oil interests won the day in the White House. He selectively listened to only those who were advocating an invasion policy of Iraq.   Now there is a true moral and humane reason to intervene in the genocide in Darfur, and there is no desire to fit our foreign policy to the misery that everyone knows is taking place but seems unable to stop.

Really, how did the BBC reporter not slap President Bush across the face?

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12 thoughts on “Bullshit President Bush! My Reaction To His Rhetoric On Darfur

  1. Skip

    Bush’s lying aside for a moment, I feel compelled to ask under guise we would send troops? China has no problem selling arms to the Sudan gov’t and is no doubt keen on becoming an even larger presence in the oil fields there. I doubt they’d let a resolution calling for UN troops to enter Darfur pass. Do we then act unilaterally? What do you think would happen if the body of a dead American soldier got dragged through the streets ala Mogadishu?

    Personally, I don’t think Americans have cared enough about Africa to send troops there since we pulled out of Somalia. And now, with a recession looming if not already here, there’s even less desire.

  2. Patrick

    Wow! Where does one start? Sure, there is genocide in Darfur, and there isn’t much we can do about it. The first part of reality here is that the U.N. itself won’t do anything. Why not ask Hugo Chavez to send his troops? But lets talk about the credibility problem here and where it really begins and ends. First and foremost–look at your lefty buddies. It is your left that has continually used and distorted the Iraq war for political gains. Meanwhile, democrats who supported the war are excused; they are suddenly not liars. Your left has trumpeted every American death, every setback, every reversal as a vehicle to criticize Bush: it is this which has diminished American credibility. What credibility we have comes from the fact that the president didn’t cut and run like the antipatriotic left (antipatriotic because it cares more for political gain than the lives of soldiers of the Iraqi people). Want credibility? Demonstrate that intervention in Darfur wouldn’tend like Somolia did-that certainly diminished credibility, didn’t it.

    Finally, since you appear to be unaware or unwilling to see what’s going on–the surge is tremendously successful in Iraq. We are winning despite the constant attacks of the left.

    Meanwhile Pelosi’s congress is investigating baseball. There’s credibility for you.

  3. notalib

    Progressives piss and moan that we are not the world police when they dislike a situation. They piss and moan we are the world police when they want to make a political issue of something. Why are WE responsible this time to play top cop? Why are not the progressives looking towards the UN this time like they do when its convenient for them to complain about the US taking care of itself?

    Know who really needs to be slapped here, progressives who use certain tragedies around the world to make insane politcal statements.

  4. I don’t understand how anyone can expect their arguments to be taken seriously when they make accusations like “the antipatriotic left (antipatriotic because it cares more for political gain than the lives of soldiers of the Iraqi people).”

    Do you really believe that? Really? That all liberals care more about politics than about human lives?

    If that’s the case, then there is a fundamental and rather large rift that exists here, and it makes any sort of rational, intelligent debate impossible.

  5. Skip

    No, I’m not saying that our foreign policy **in theory** has no room for intervening in Darfur. But as a practical matter, a president would consider many things including doing “what is right”. Ask Bill Clinton about Rwanda. Allow me to quote from a blog post I wrote (http://powervoyeur.blogspot.com/2006/07/we-wish-to-inform-you-that-tomorrow-we.html)

    “When a group of 8 African countries asked the United States for armored personnel carriers so that they could send in troops, Clinton leased the APCs (armored personnel carries) to the U.N. for $15 million rather than lending them directly. Worse were the French who, in June, actually sent in arms and troops to aid the Hutus.”

    Or from another post on the same topic (http://powervoyeur.blogspot.com/2006/07/shake-hands-with-devil.html)

    “Clinton’s fibbing dumbfounded me. The DPKO was still fighting with the Pentagon for military cargo planes to move matériel. The Pentagon had actually refused to equip the Ghanaians as they felt the bill was too high and that Ghana was trying to gouge them. And who exactly got the $9 million?”

    Why did we leave Somalia (and thusly not commit troops to Rwanda)? It wasn’t because the mission there was failing, it was because of pictures of our boys’ bodies being dragged through the streets.

    Please don’t associate me with the commenters above because I’m not against intervention; I just think that it won’t come about via the UN and that it would be politically unpopular so no president would do so unilaterally. The war there has been going on for – what? – 5 years now? It barely registers on anyone’s radar here in the States. I don’t think most Americans would be happy about sending troops to Darfur *because* 4,000 have already died in Iraq and many more are still there for the foreseeable future.

    Heck, perhaps Obama, if elected would intervene. He advocates for a strong military to, in part, “confront mass atrocities”. Since the situation in Darfur shows no signs of abating, he might get the chance to live up to his word. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

  6. Skip

    Emily – using a loaded phrase like “antipatriotic left” (especially without a hyphen) means that rational or intelligent debate is not something the commenter is interested in.

  7. Patrick

    Why is it irrational to use the word “antipatriotic”? The original post wondered aloud why the interviewer didn’t slap our president. Is that patriotic? Before you accuse me of being irrational, why not explain then that the entire originl post is likewise irrational on those grounds.

  8. You tell me that it is not patriotic to suggest that the President have his face slapped?

    Mind you this is the same President that lied about a war that has killed needlessly roughly 4,000 Americans, and untold others…..and you support this action……and then question what is patriotic!!!!

    Holy smokes!!

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