100,000 Readers!


Dear Readers,

James made the graphic for this post, and it echoes how I feel about my little piece of cyberspace.  Lots of color and passion.  I started Caffeinated Politics 807 posts ago on July 14, 2006.  I had the hope that this blog would not only discuss news and politics with passion, (hence the name of the blog) but also comment on diverse topics not found elsewhere, but that are of interest to me.  From Madison, Wisconsin (where I live) to Dubai, (where I would love to travel) this blog reflects who I am, and what I think.

That is why Del Reeves fans, anti-war liberals, clean government types, space buffs, advocates of gay marriage, and lovers of books and newspapers all find a home here on Caffeinated Politics.  And that eclectic style of blogging will continue.  One never knows what the next post will contain.

The 100,000th reader was from Cheyenne, Wyoming.  I wish to thank all those who stop by and visit.  You are appreciated.

All the best,


One thought on “100,000 Readers!

  1. James

    Congratulations Gregory on your 100,000th reader. I am very proud of you, as I am sure your mom would be too were she here to share in your happiness also. Best wishes for another 100,000!

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