Make Your New Federal Tax Rebate Work Locally In Madison


I received this from a friend who is working to construct a local avenue for affecting change right in front of our faces.  If you are interested I will forward any feedback here (email addresses) to Carol Bracewell of Madison, who has thought out this idea for making our community a better place to live.

Hey friends,
I’ve had this idea for a week now and want to test it out.
It looks like many of us may be getting several hundred bucks from
this “economic stimulus” plan of George W Bush. I personally think
that our schools and local social programs could use the money to
help people in more creative ways than handing out cash.
So I was thinking of setting up a pass-through account at Madison
Community Foundation and encouraging people to donate their
“stimulus” checks into the account. If we get 10 people to give $500,
that would pretty much cover a year at MATC for a young person to be
trained for a good job, or for a returning adult who needs retraining
after his/her job got sent overseas.

I have other ideas for how to have grassroots input on where the
donations could go… like via a web site with a Community Forum. If
many people are interested, we could identify multiple areas to
donate, like renewable energy, education, housing, healthcare, etc,
making sure all the money stays local and really supports long-term
opportunity, not short term commercial spending.

In my wild dreams, this would catch on and a lot of people would see
it as a great alternative. I emailed some more creative minds to see
if they could come up with a catchy phrase and/or promo campaign.
Until then, though, I’d like to put the idea out there. I’m sure each
of us could think of many great ways to donate the money, and at the
same time, if we aggregate it in one place, it might make an even
bigger difference for someone who needs it.

So if you think this is an interesting idea you could support and
share with your friends, let me know. It will cost $1000 to set up
the account. I’d be willing to front that once the Government makes
it a little clearer who would be getting how much and when.

Thanks, and please pass it along and encourage people to write me
back. Good ideas for a name are welcome to. “Pay if Forward” is
taken, but that’s the general idea.

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