The Autopsy Of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Begins

There have been stories and snippets for weeks concerning the infighting and major differences within Senator Clinton’s presidential campaign.  The idea from the start of her race was Hillary Clinton was to use her extensive war chest, experience, and national campaign apparatus and organization to secure the party nomination by Super Tuesday, February 5th.  The fact that the campaign train went so far off the track, and so horribly drifted from the path if departed on, is most worthy of review.  The fact that no other options seemed to be in storage for an eventual unforeseen development in the campaign truly baffles me, and is bizarre.  When Barack Obama started to rack up delegates there seemed to be paralysis over what to do to in the Clinton campaign.  New messages, themes, and strategies seemed never to have been prepared, ready to be pulled from the playbook, and used in the national race.  Utterly bizarre!

Once the campaign is truly over there will be some big name campaign personalities about to be tarred and feathered by other democratic operatives and huge financial interests in the party.  And rightfully so.  Mark Penn might want to vacation in Europe for a couple months.

And what is it like inside the Clinton campaign today?  From this past week Andrea Mitchell reports “it is a mess”.

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8 thoughts on “The Autopsy Of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Begins

  1. This campaign almost looks like the personification of what they tried to make Obama out to be.
    All style and no substance.
    Once it got beyond February 5th, they never had an endgame for this race, IF it got passed that date.

  2. Marilyn

    As much as I am a womanist, I have never been able to get the following two out of my mind in relation to Mrs. Clinton: Vincent Foster and Ron Brown – two mysterious deaths during the presidency of her husband. After each death were whispers of a conspiratorial nature, i.e., that something related to damaging information about the Clintons was buried with them.

    I just can’t shake that……..

  3. The only ones ever spreading these false rumors are the horrible conservatives that will stoop to any level to make profit or gain.

    Due to stooping so low the conservatives are about to be walked on in November.

  4. Eddie Longoria

    Sure, the Hillary Clinton campaign staff are the quickest political minds on the draw but has anyone stopped to think that not every vote for Obama is a vote for a Obama. Obama is the anti-Hillary Clinton candidate. People who dislike Hillary are running into the arms of the Black Night on a White Horse. Never mind that he has little experience in Washington and overseas. People don’t care. He is tall, dark, handsome, and has a deep voice. People like those qualities. Right now, Obama could sell the Democratic faithful swampland in Florida at a high price and they would buy!! Hillary’s downfall began when she failed to erase “the bitch factor” with the American people.

    Personally, I am a Republican who is sorry to have voted for George W. Bush twice. In 2008, I am voting my pocketbook. The candidate who puts a stop to this Ethanol craze and squeezes the mega-profits out of the oil industry gets my vote!!

  5. Lee

    I do not believe the Clinton campaign never imagined that she would be running against an African-American. Everyone seems to be side-stepping the race issue but it is everywhere. If you make a comment on the internet against Obama, the retort is racist, racist. A person is not able to object to his lack of experience or hone in on how he became a senator, you are accused of the unmentionable. Hillary had to be extremely careful in her negativity toward Obama, not John Edwards or any other candidate but Obama. I watched Meet the Press this am, on statistics and the fact that blacks are overwhelmingly pro Obama is never mentioned or in any other program citing the same type of statistics. On Cris Matthews, a panelist stated that black super delegates need to be concerned if they are too late in throwing their support behind Obama. It is the 800 lb gorilla in the room that everyone is denying. The Democrats are the party of all people, but the Republicans do not really make that claim so they have no hesitation in attacking Obama. They will not use the race card since they do not have too. It is the albatross around the neck of only Democrats. Obama and his wife continually played that issue in a veiled manner and no one objected but again Hillary had to be cautious. So I do not fault her campaign as much as I fault the make up of the slate of candidates. When you have people who continue to fault Hillary for insinuations not facts and the long perceived accusations by anti-Clintons, the latest hindrance is almost insurmountable.

  6. JM Brewster

    Wrong again. It’s no secret that Sen. Clinton is running against an African American. Hard not to see that when looking at Sen. Obama, isn’t it?
    However, the race card has been trumped by the (erroneous) Muslim card that enemies of Obama believe is more debilitating to him than just being Black. After all, many families in America now have mixed children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Racism is nowhere as potent anymore as conjuring up the image of a Muslim out to conquer our country. So knowing that most folks no longer give a tinker’s durn about race, some have been using the race card backwards. They use African American men to denigrate Obama, trying to make him into a BAD Black Dude. Which fell on its face, even with the powerful Bob Johnson of BET mouthing the Shuck and Jive words.
    Nope, it’s the Muslim card they’re using to try to cut him off at the knees. In spite of the FACT that he is Christian and attends the Trinity church in Chicago and has been doing so for 20 years or so.

    Thanks to the modern communications skills most folks have these days, however, folks who get to know him or about him, like and trust him. And yes, most blacks support him. But, hey, isn’t that what most older women are doing for Clinton. All except this mature woman who is tired of the same ole, same ole. and besides, I hate kvetchers. And bad losers.
    Texas Veterans for Obama, Texas Women for Obama Tomorrow in Texas: Snowdrifts and caucuses.

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