Spring Is In The Air Over Madison Isthmus….Literally

As I looked out on my neighborhood this afternoon I saw a lady still perched high on her craftsmanstyle-bungalow roof, where she continues chipping away at the ice dam that has encrusted itself high above the city street.  As I watched the slow chip—chip—chip— a very large and loud v-shaped grouping of Canadian geese flew over the Isthmus this afternoon.  In fact it flew right over my neighbor.

After the long white winter the birds flying back from the south are a sign that better days with warming temperatures are very near.  I wonder if my neighboir had time to glance up and welcome spring?  If anyone deserves a respite from Old Man Winter, it is a sweet lady on a roof in an ice-chipping frenzy.

So buck up winter weary residents of Madison!  The best is yet to come.  I know this to be true, as the geese told me so.

Now what did I hear about snow in the forecast for later tonight?

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