Keta Steebs, Of Door County Advocate, Still Remarkable Lady And Writer


I first met Keta Steebs when she was just as beautiful as she is today.  There are some in Door County who understood that I had a ‘crush’ on Keta, even though she was ‘slightly’ older than me.   I was the new hire at WDOR Radio, and she was the established writer at the local paper, the Door County Advocate.   She seemed to know everybody, and better yet, everything about everybody.  Just the type of person I needed to know when starting out in both broadcasting and local politics.  To be around her meant that others would soon flock and amazing conversations would follow.  She has that type of personality that draws others near.

I have met only a rare handful that can turn heads when they enter a room, and Keta could.  That struck me at the age of 20 as quite impressive.  I most enjoyed talking with her during some very long and tedious county board meetings that we covered for our respective newsrooms.  Many a time all she wanted was a cigarette, and I just wanted an adjournment of the proceedings.  We would laugh and kid each other about all sorts of things, and shared political sentiments that made us kindred spirits in staunchly conservative Door County.  

Being a part of the Door County media I knew the writers at the local newspaper, and had the pleasure of trading gossip and insights during the weekly lunches named ‘Pen-n-Mic Club’ where we would all sit and review the world and local scene.  I recall that Keta would sit at another table with a few other women, and I would look over and wonder if she knew the guys at my table were talking about lots of stuff other than sports.  I made sure of that! I so wanted her to be close by and hear her memorable and hard-to-miss laugh.  As I said, I had a ‘crush’ on this lady.

Her columns in the Door County Advocate are just as warm and spirited today as the lady I recall from some 25 years ago.  There is a joy in reading her words, and  I am glad to know that she is still using her skills for the readers who adore her so very much.   And then there are some of us who can almost hear her voice as if she reads them aloud over the internet.  She does leave an impression.

In fact she can be heard on the internet.

And then read her latest column.


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5 thoughts on “Keta Steebs, Of Door County Advocate, Still Remarkable Lady And Writer

  1. patsy Stierna

    I had lunch with Keta today. She is indeed still a remarkable lady. I have only read a few of her columns being new to Door County. Someone needs to compile a book of her columns. Is anyone out there who could do this? She could love help with this.

  2. Adele,

    You have a great Grandmother, but you already knew that.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    I know that Keta would love all the action here in Madison these past weeks. Her Democratic fires would be burning high.

    Have a nice weekend.

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