Walking Out Of The Theatre Due To “No Country For Old Men”

I love good films.  To sit back in a dark theater and eat up the dialogue and visual images that are created for enjoyment and entertainment by filmmakers has long been a favorite of mine.   I enjoy films that are textured and rich with evolving characters that draw me into the plot. The types of films that grab me are those that resemble “The English Patient”,  “Hairspray”, and “The Last King Of Scotland”.  Mindless and sophomoric films that are generated for teenagers and some young adults bore me silly.

And violence that seems to be the driving force for a film makes me leave a theatre.

I have never been so disappointed by the critical acclaim for any film as I was for the one voted Best Picture at the 80th Academy Awards several weeks ago.  “No Country For Old Men” has some wonderful visual and cinematic aspects that made it at times very enjoyable.  The large Texas scenery and low toned conversations made for a very interesting feel to the film.  But the violence that started and never seemed to end, and feeling most times to exist only to ‘shock and bleed’ proved too much for my sensibilities. 

At about an hour into the film I turned to James in the theatre, and was amused that he was about to ask the same question I was going to pose to him.  “Should we just leave the theatre?’  It was interesting that my thoughts were echoed as we walked to the car and discussed the movie.

While the Coen brothers are highly rated in our home for “Fargo”, the amount of anger and senseless violence in “No Country For Old Men” made for a most unpleasant movie experience.  While I want films to provoke and be edgy on the one hand, I do not want my intelligence insulted with the use of the basest ways to make a film only to insure a full house of ticket buyers.  Dead and bloating bodies of humans and animals with flies swarming around…..and I am supposed to pay for this sight?!  Senseless and ruthless killings one after the other, and I should praise Hollywood for making such a ‘fine’ film?

I am sure many will say I just did not ‘understand’ the film.  Clearly I did not.  And I am OK with that.

This experience proves again why foreign films are a better choice.

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“The Tin Man” Has Awesome Blog Response To Barack Obama Speech

Always thoughtful and well worded, “The Tin Man ” provides an insightful look at the speech made my Barack Obama on Tuesday concerning race relations in America.  It deserves a full read at his site.  A portion is here below.

It’s not an easy speech to digest. You have to do a little more work to understand it than you have to do with most politicians’ speeches. It’s only words, but it demonstrated a fine understanding of the racial divisions that contribute so much to mutual suspicion and animosity in our country today. And, not incidentally, Obama also did a fine job, I thought, of explaining that sometimes, you have emotional ties to people in your life who may say things and hold beliefs that you profoundly disagree with. You might choose to shun these people. Or you might choose not to shun them, because even though you disagree with them, they’ve become like family to you, and you prefer not to shun family.

And yet some people think it’s their place to judge Obama for the choice he’s made.


I’m tired of reading comments by people who think it’s their place to judge how another human being handles a particular situation. As I said, I’ve seen similar comments on numerous blogs in the last 24 hours, and it frustrates me to no end. People are coming to a situation with their preconceived notions, and they won’t let anything change their minds.

I’ve been guilty of this myself, of course. In this political season, I’ve felt a visceral dislike of Hillary Clinton over the last couple of months, and I’ve expressed it on this blog. I’ve been trying to combat that dislike. I can’t presume to know what’s in her heart or her mind. I don’t think she’s an Ambitious Dragon Lady; I think she has deeply held, deeply felt beliefs about health care, and about children, and about making this country a better place. I don’t know if she has the political skill to achieve her goals as president; she might be deluding herself, as all politicians do (including, perhaps, Obama). And I think she’s made some dishonorable political choices in this campaign. My primal instinct is to hate her guts and hold her in contempt for the way she’s conducted it. But I’m trying to get past that, because, really, what the hell do I know?

“What the hell do I know.” I wish more people lived by that creed instead of feeling secure in their certitude. I try to, even though I’m not nearly as successful at it as I’d like to be.

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Read Hillary Clinton’s Daily Schedules As First Lady Online With This Link

Today after many months of requesting the documents the Hillary Clinton campaign has finally released thousands of pages of her schedules as first lady.   Click here to see the paperwork.

More than 11,000 pages of Senator Clinton’s schedules from her eight-year stint as first lady are going to be released tomorrow by the National Archives, which operates the Clinton Presidential Library, a spokeswoman said today.  According to The New York Sun.

The records are to be released simultaneously at the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Ark. and at Archives headquarters in Washington.

The White House signed off on the release Monday, according to an official there. In response to a lawsuit from a conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, the Archives had agreed to release the records by Thursday.

The documents will be redacted, or edited, for privacy and security reasons. Some amount of material is also expected to be deleted on orders from President Clinton, likely because it concerns confidential advice to him, but Mr. Clinton’s representative to the Archives, Bruce Lindsey, said he proposed fewer redactions than Archives officials initially suggested.

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