Read Hillary Clinton’s Daily Schedules As First Lady Online With This Link

Today after many months of requesting the documents the Hillary Clinton campaign has finally released thousands of pages of her schedules as first lady.   Click here to see the paperwork.

More than 11,000 pages of Senator Clinton’s schedules from her eight-year stint as first lady are going to be released tomorrow by the National Archives, which operates the Clinton Presidential Library, a spokeswoman said today.  According to The New York Sun.

The records are to be released simultaneously at the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Ark. and at Archives headquarters in Washington.

The White House signed off on the release Monday, according to an official there. In response to a lawsuit from a conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, the Archives had agreed to release the records by Thursday.

The documents will be redacted, or edited, for privacy and security reasons. Some amount of material is also expected to be deleted on orders from President Clinton, likely because it concerns confidential advice to him, but Mr. Clinton’s representative to the Archives, Bruce Lindsey, said he proposed fewer redactions than Archives officials initially suggested.

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3 thoughts on “Read Hillary Clinton’s Daily Schedules As First Lady Online With This Link

  1. paulanthony60

    Barack Obama is a liar,,,

    To all
    Obama speech ,,,, Not sure if you caught Not only did Obama,,, Refuses to denounce him,, but even More,, He say in his own words,,,
    Barack Obama was in church when Jeremiah Wright,, was spewing Anti-American, Racist ism ,,,, Those were his own words,,, barack was there
    After going on keith Oberman ,Show obama said he would denounce that if he heard that language he would leave and not tolerate it , and denounce it
    After he went on MSNBC,, he went on FOX CNN ABC< all the news station saying he was never there,,, in his church when he said these things,,
    But Now today during his speech,,He states flat out Say’s HE was there,,, Last week Barack Obama Lied,, went on all the news stations, and Lied,,
    But your not reporting that,,,, You can rest assure,,, cnn ,,, Fox , ABC,,, Msnbc,, are getting more on this ,,, they will be reporting on this, and we will see
    If you chose to report, Obama Lying on tv,,, If this was Hilary clinton lying and caught lying on all the new station,,, you can be sure,, you would talk about it every hour
    people will be on your station debating this,,,, people analysing , if it is hilary clinton but it was not her it was Barack Obama, ,, it bad enought He lied, about being in church
    With Jeremiah Write, when he said these anti american ,,,,,and still refuse to denounce him…all the news agency want to do is speak on how good his speech was,
    Not that he lied,,, Last week on all the news agency ,, He was never there today in how own speech He say I was there,,,,should play all Obama videos from last week
    stating he was not there,,, or heard any of the anti-american Jeremiah Write, said in his churc then play his speech today saying he was there and he did hear him in church and refuse to denounce Jeremiah Write,,,

  2. Lola

    Here come the Clinton politics of division(paulanthony60). The Clinton unsavory dealings with Dubai and China will be far more damaging to our country than the rantings of a pastor. I think Obama gave a courageous, honest speech and proved once again that he is a statesman and not a continuation of the Bush-Clinton-Bush poltics.

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