President Bush Forcing Hand Of Next President With New Iraq Treaty?

The idea that President Bush is working to orchestrate a plan in conjunction with Iraq’s government where our military forces would be committed for a long term stay in that country is now a real possibility.  And a real concern.  In addition, the idea that a more complex ‘strategic framework agreement’ with Iraq is in the works should concern every American!

If the Bush White House can conclude agreements with the ‘democratic’ government in Iraq about the scope and length of our military intervention, and how our two nations relate and work with each other in a broader and more complex manner, there are two serious matters that all Americans who pay the taxes for the war, and pay the costs of burying dead soldiers must ask.

First, is whether this agreement should be more accurately called a treaty, and therefore require approval from the U.S. Senate.  It would seem to many of us who have witnessed our democratic ideals being stripped away by the Republicans that a large and long-term commitment in Iraq would need broad based consensus from our elected officials.  And since a large majority of the public have grave concerns over this war the idea that a policy of this type taking shape without oversight is not only dangerous, but also not democratic.

Second is the idea that the next President would be held firm to any obligation made by the rogue Bush Administration.  At a time when the nation is eager for change and new direction it is dismaying to think that President Bush would still control policy even when kicking back with his drinks in Texas.

The White House will weave and strut around saying these agreements do not require Senate approval, but as a taxpayer and concerned citizen I know I want oversight and investigation into the murky details of  any plan Bush and Company pen.

I bet my readers do as well.

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