U.S. Death Toll In Iraq Reaches 4,000

This is a shame!  A damn shame.  Damn you President Bush.  And all the Republicans and Democrats that voted for the war.  A liars words carried us to war, sent our nation into a recession, and Vice President Dick Cheney was quoted as saying the views of the public in relation to the war  do not matter.  How many rich Republicans bury dead soldiers?

BAGHDAD – Four U.S. soldiers were killed by a bomb blast in southern Baghdad late Sunday, raising the death toll for American forces since start of the war to 4,000, according to the Pentagon.

The grim milestone was reached less than a week after the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion to topple former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and coincided with a spate of violence across Iraq on Sunday that left at least 61 people dead.

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Iraq War Costing America $5,000 Per Second!

The must read story in the Sunday newspaper is one that hits many Americans up aside the head.

More important, while casualties in Baghdad are down, we’re beginning to take losses in Florida and California. The United States seems to have slipped into recession; Americans are losing their homes, jobs and health insurance; banks are struggling — and the Iraq war appears to have aggravated all these domestic woes.

“The present economic mess is very much related to the Iraq war,” says Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize-winning economist. “It was at least partially responsible for soaring oil prices. …Moreover, money spent on Iraq did not stimulate the economy as much as the same dollars spent at home would have done. To cover up these weaknesses in the American economy, the Fed let forth a flood of liquidity; that, together with lax regulations, led to a housing bubble and a consumption boom.”


For all the disagreement, there appears to be at least a modest connection between spending in Iraq and the economic difficulties at home. So as we debate whether to bring our troops home, one central question should be whether Iraq is really the best place to invest $411 million every day in present spending alone.

I’ve argued that staying in Iraq indefinitely undermines our national security by empowering jihadis — just as we now know that our military presence in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s was, in fact, counterproductive by empowering Al Qaeda in its early days. On the other hand, supporters of the war argue that a withdrawal from Iraq would signal weakness and leave a vacuum that extremists would fill, and those are legitimate concerns.

But if you believe that staying in Iraq does more good than harm, you must answer the next question: Is that presence so valuable that it is worth undermining our economy?

Granted, the cost estimates are squishy and controversial, partly because the $12.5 billion a month that we’re now paying for Iraq is only a down payment. We’ll still be making disability payments to Iraq war veterans 50 years from now.

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Find Out When Your Economic Stimulus Check From The Government Will Arrive

Please note that this post was written in early 2008, and deals with the stimulus checks that the government mailed at that time to U.S. citizens.

Also I can not help out any individuals with this issue, I only posted the information below as a way to assist you in your own effort.


Do not spend it all in one place.

In addition you can calculate to see what you will receive.

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Barack Obama Retakes Lead Over Hillary Clinton In America Says Gallup Poll

With a powerful speech last week on racism, and a nation ready for change, Barack Obama has reversed his slip in the national polls, and again leads Hillary Clinton.

Gallup reports today.

Barack Obama has quickly made up the deficit he faced with Hillary Clinton earlier this week, with the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update on Democratic presidential nomination preferences showing 48% of Democratic voters favoring Obama and 45% Clinton.

Obama’s campaign clearly suffered in recent days from negative press, mostly centering around his association with the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Perhaps as a result, Clinton moved into the lead in Gallup’s Wednesday release, covering March 16-18 polling. But Obama has now edged back ahead of Clinton due to a strong showing for him in Friday night’s polling, perhaps in response to the endorsement he received from well-respected New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a former rival for the nomination. (To view the complete trend since Jan. 2, 2008, click here.)

Both Democrats have inched closer to John McCain in the latest update on registered voters’ general election preferences. McCain holds just a two percentage point edge over both — 46% to 44% over Obama and 47% to 45% over Clinton.

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