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Barack Obama Retakes Lead Over Hillary Clinton In America Says Gallup Poll

March 23, 2008

With a powerful speech last week on racism, and a nation ready for change, Barack Obama has reversed his slip in the national polls, and again leads Hillary Clinton.

Gallup reports today.

Barack Obama has quickly made up the deficit he faced with Hillary Clinton earlier this week, with the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update on Democratic presidential nomination preferences showing 48% of Democratic voters favoring Obama and 45% Clinton.

Obama’s campaign clearly suffered in recent days from negative press, mostly centering around his association with the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Perhaps as a result, Clinton moved into the lead in Gallup’s Wednesday release, covering March 16-18 polling. But Obama has now edged back ahead of Clinton due to a strong showing for him in Friday night’s polling, perhaps in response to the endorsement he received from well-respected New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a former rival for the nomination. (To view the complete trend since Jan. 2, 2008, click here.)

Both Democrats have inched closer to John McCain in the latest update on registered voters’ general election preferences. McCain holds just a two percentage point edge over both — 46% to 44% over Obama and 47% to 45% over Clinton.

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  1. March 23, 2008 2:59 PM

    But the good news for America is that John McCain holds the lead over either of the socialist candidates.

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