Hubble Telescope Pictures Amaze And Dazzle…And With NASA Repair Flight Will Continue To Do So



In August 2008 a NASA repair mission will launch into space to lend a helping hand to the Hubble Telescope.  In all of the space ventures America has paid for, no one single piece of equipment has produced so many intense and wonderful discoveries.  (See some of the awesome and breath-taking sights) The pictures of the planets, stars, comets, and so much more that are relayed back to earth are worth multiple times what our original investment in the telescope cost.  And to think not so long ago there was a question as to whether Hubble should be repaired!  As we head to August my blog will be a source for Hubble news and updates. 

The space shuttle mission to repair Hubble will extend the life of this wonder into the next decade.  The mission will  enhance Hubble’s scientific power so to better photograph visible, infrared and ultraviolet light, and improve Hubble’s sensitivity 10-30 times! 

ACS is Hubble’s most prominent camera. Its wide field of view and ability to see in wavelengths from ultraviolet to visible light allows it to conduct broad surveys of the universe, study the nature and distribution of galaxies, and examine some of the universe’s earliest activity. ACS was responsible for the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image, NASA’s deepest view of the cosmos.

STIS is a spectrograph. It separates light into its component colors, allowing scientists to examine the object’s temperature, chemical composition, density and motion. STIS can see in ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared and has been used to examine black holes, quasars and planets.

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