Robert Mugabe Hoping To Ruin Zimbabwe For Another Term


 Political Cartoon From The Economist

To see a country strangled in slow motion is a horrible thing to witness.  However the citizens of Zimbabwe have been seeing that very thing up close as their loathsome leader, Robert Mugabe, has his hands around the political levers and drains the nation of vitality year after year.

With a vote to take place on Saturday there is no doubt that corruption will again be the only victor in  Zimbabwe. 

Two great articles were published today highlighting  the hopes and fears of a nation being run by an 84-year-old tyrant.

As The Financial Times reports there is hope, slim though it may be, that election monitors might prevent what Mugabe excels at…stealing elections.

There is a heavy burden therefore on the shoulders of the Southern African Development Community and the African Union, the only outside organisations permitted to monitor the vote. Controversially, both endorsed Mr Mugabe’s previous election wins. But having stood firm so recently in the face of election fraud in Kenya, and in the AU’s case having played a prominent role in finding a way out of the subsequent crisis, there is pressure to apply the same standards. More­over, to save Zimbabwe from further ruin, whoever wins will have to go cap in hand to foreign donors for a rescue package.

The Los Angeles Times writes a powerful and well worded piece about the destructive legacy of Robert Mugabe.

The country’s free-fall into failed statehood began in earnest in 2000. That was when the electorate tired of him and his increasingly imperious one-party rule and voted down his attempt to do away with term limits so that he could continue as president. Mugabe, the onetime guerrilla leader who now saw himself as liberator of the country, reacted with astonishing venom. He turned on the newly emboldened black opposition, harassing, imprisoning and torturing their supporters. And those white commercial farmers he’d invited to remain in 1980 he threw off the land, distributing their farms among his cronies, which helped precipitate the economic catastrophe because few of them had the inclination or technical know-how to farm.

Mugabe became an African Ahab, Melville’s “monomaniacal commander,” marinating in a toxic brew of hate and denial as he plunged his ship of state down into the dark vortex, railing all the while from the quarterdeck against the great white whale. He blamed Zimbabwe’s plunge on the largely symbolic sanctions imposed by the West. And he refused to negotiate with his own, overwhelmingly black, opposition, dismissing them as lackeys of Britain, the former colonial power.

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4 thoughts on “Robert Mugabe Hoping To Ruin Zimbabwe For Another Term


    There is a time when former colonial powers should forget their guilty feelings about the past
    and should be feel guilty instead not to intervene
    by force, if necessary, to eradicate this kind of monsters. Everyman in his right mind can’t help comparing the former prosperous Rhodesia with the starving Zimbabwe of today.

  2. slaverly

    the west should leave Africa Zimbabwe Mugabe or anyone from africa alone cause who made them judges did we ever judge them for their failures or shortcomings if not we do not expect them to judge us.they come to africa and too and made us slaves,colonised us raped our mothers and sisters took our land cursed or gods and our beliefs made us look like shit .they did all those bad things to us but we forgive them now this time they still believe they have control over us over our land.we dont want to open old wounds but insulting our leaders those WOUNDS have been opened and they is no going back leave us alone we dont want your help we disowned your help a long time ago we gave you enough time to help us but you have caused enough grief than joy to us if mugabe is our pain and horror let us leave with that its ours what do you want with our pain maybe from to much pain and sufferng rom you racist white people we have already started enjoying the pain so leave us at once we plead with you to leave us alone .VIVA AFRICA VIVA ZIMBABWE VIVA OUR LAND FOREVER .ZIMBABWE WILL NEVER BE A COLONY AGAIN MAYBE FROM THE CHINESE BUT WE A THE ONES WHO CHOSE OUR COLONISERS NOT YOU.CHINESE A BUSY BUILDING HOSPITALS ,SCHOOLS ACROSS AFRICA WHAT ABOUT YOU STEALING ONLY LIKE FRENCH PRESIDENT SARKOZY HAS JUST DID TO OUR BROTHERS IN CONGO FUCK EUROPE

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