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Why It Is Time For Hillary Clinton To Quit Race For White House

March 29, 2008

No one likes to see his or her efforts for any long-held effort or dream come to an end without a positive resolution.  When Potomac Fever and a politician’s ego combine there is a tremendous set of emotions and factors that make it hard for reality to sink in that the dream may not come true.  I certainly am not trying to be unkind to Hillary Clinton, or in any way minimize her desire to achieve her goals, but the facts are clear for all to see.  Her chance for the Democratic nomination slipped away many weeks ago and she now needs someone to tell her so in very clear and stark language. 

I have said that I think Hillary Clinton must feel crushed after having had all the money, the organization, the expectations, and the political clout only to see it all come undone in a matter of weeks.  In fact, I for one long thought based on these very reasons she would be the nominee.  I said that for a long time here on my blog, even after Obama started winning primaries and caucuses.  But the American people had a different idea about where they wanted the country to go.  That is the way the political game is played, and if one is big enough to get into the game to win, one also must be big enough to know when it is time to exit the stage.  I feel for her, and wish her well in her Senate career, which can be a powerful one, but she needs to leave the race for the White House.  Now.

The reasons why she must do so at once mount every day.  First among all else is the damage she is doing by her statements and actions against the eventual nominee, Barack Obama.  She gives the Republicans talking points and videotape almost daily for their efforts to undermine Obama in the fall campaign.  In addition the amount of resources she pulls from the party members to keep up a fight that cannot be achieved is daunting when looked at on paper.

After the matter with Obama’s pastor had slipped off the front pages and the polls by major news organizations had weighed in on the matter, it was apparent that Obama has the ability to fight negative issues that arise, and connect with the American people.  The latest Gallup Poll finds Sen. Barack Obama with an eight-point lead over Sen. Hillary Clinton, 50% to 42%.  In addition the Pew Research poll gave Obama even a stronger lead in their latest poll.

In the states that Clinton wishes to continue fighting Obama is going to commit himself, and again take a sizable number of votes and delegates.  In Pennsylvania even though Clinton leads in the polls, Obama is mounting a fierce campaign and will win a large number of delegates.  In North Carolina Obama is far ahead, and Clinton will be trounced.  This pattern does not allow Clinton to move the nomination in her direction.  There is no way that she can win the number of delegates needed to win.  And the voters are not going to stand by and allow a candidate to steal the nomination with superdelegates.  It just isn’t going to happen.  The party elders and strong forces with clout and money will not allow that from taking place.

Even after the fallout last week over the Reverend Wright matter, powerful U.S. Senator Bob Casey from Pennsylvania endorsed Obama in very strong and definitive way.  This was but yet another sign that even more moderate members of the Democratic Party are understanding what is happening with the American public.  They want Barack Obama to be President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton still has a political career, but to continue in her race for the White House in the style she has used over the past weeks, jeopardizes her role in the party and her political clout. 

It is time for Hillary Clinton to end her race for the White House.

It is time to move on and support our candidate for the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama.

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  1. March 31, 2008 1:12 PM

    It is time for the super delegates to lean on Hillary hard to give it up. This is destructive and fruitless and in the end she will be a weaker politician for the depths she needs to plumb to begin to take the nomination from Obama. Without the super delegates stopping her, she will self destruct and probably take Obama down with her. Some legacy.

  2. Skip permalink
    March 31, 2008 11:36 AM

    Obama is anti-military? Is this the same guy who wants to expand the armed forces by adding 65,000 people to the Army and add another 27,000 Marines?

  3. March 29, 2008 3:59 PM

    Hang in there Hillary you are doing the right thing. America cannot have an inexperience anti Military person in charge of our future. Hang on Hillary you are doing the right thing, fight to the bitter end.

  4. Shaun Shalabama permalink
    March 29, 2008 1:08 PM

    Barackas needs to drop out and concede to Clinton. Clinton’s going to be our next president so Barackas just needs to step aside now.

  5. sauer kraut permalink
    March 29, 2008 11:46 AM

    Hillary’s problem from the get-go was her attitude about being The Annointed One.

    Unless there is something pathologically wrong with her, she’s must have gotten the message that the country does not view her in that way.

    She needs to drop out. It is no longer about her dreams but about what is best for the country and her party. Besides, unless McCain chooses Huckabee as his VP running mate, she’s not going to win the November election.

    Drop out, Hillary. Do the right thing.

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