WMC And NRA Supports Michael Gableman Because He Will Be Pliable

If anyone has followed the Wisconsin State Supreme Court race even remotely these past weeks, it is clear that Michael Gableman is not ready for prime-time.  Not even close.  His canned and rehearsed answers, which he spouts regardless of the question being asked, demonstrates his lack of intellectual heft.  I truly felt embarrassed for him in the debate held this weekend on statewide TV because it was clear he was way in over his head.  Gableman proved that he did not have the substance and background that is required to do the job on the court, as he had no real answers to any question.  That has been true about his performance this entire campaign.  Political attacks and high rhetoric are not resume enhancing additions when seeking a seat on the court.

Worse yet his total disregard for basic constitutional safeguards makes him wrong on the issues, and wrong for the court.  It was so comical at times these past weeks listening to Gableman that I wanted to collect a fund in order to send him to a remedial civics course.

Having said that, why does Wisconsin Manufactures and Commence, and the National Rifle Association cozy up to such a dreadful and cerebrally challenged candidate?  How pliable do they know Michael Gableman to be?  The answer of course should concern all Wisconsin voters.

When I read that the NRA gave over $73,000 to the Gableman campaign, knowing as they must that he does not have the intellectual depth needed to do the job of the Wisconsin citizen  while serving on the court, I knew for certain that they had pegged him as a lightweight that would do their bidding. 

I for one do not want a Supreme Court judge merely playing the role of a jurist, while siding with the special monied interests that have proved many times not to have the best in mind for the workers and citizens of the state.  The rush by groups such as WMC and the NRA to unload money on a candidate that is clearly not ready for the job shows their true intent.  That should concern the voters right into the ballot box!

The money from WMC and the NRA to buy ads and votes is not because they are in love with the notion of democracy, mom, and apple pie.  They want high court rulings to reflect their narrow vision of what the law should, or should not allow.  If WMC and the NRA win with their money on Tuesday that means the Wisconsin citizen will have lost.

This is the year for change.  From top to bottom voters can send a message that we want and expect higher quality candidates, and more responsive government.  And we want to put an end to the special interests making sure that the working men and women who pay the taxes are left outside the circle. 

We can send a message to WMC and the NRA on Tuesday when we cast a ballot for Louis Butler for Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

That message will also be heard by the nation that is watching this race.

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9 thoughts on “WMC And NRA Supports Michael Gableman Because He Will Be Pliable

  1. Since when have groups like the NRA favored competence over ideological allegiance? Gableman need not be so much a pushover as a true-believer. The guy is a die-cut modern Republican, and the tenor of his ads has the dual design of making sure the Righties know who to vote for by a simple sniff test.

  2. Sure while you point out a couple of groups that support this man as evil, thank God for groups like the NRA that protects the Second Amendment from people like you.

    But lets look who supports Butler and why he is so wrong for the people of Wis. Just a few names and organizations who put the good people at risk every day in this state.

    Madison Teachers, Inc
    Wisconsin State AFL-CIO
    Governor Jim Doyle
    Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton
    Senator Russ Feingold
    Senator Herb Kohl
    Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin
    Congressman Steve Kagen
    Congressman Dave Obey

    Just by this tiny list you can see Butler is supported by some of the most dangerous people in the state. Butler is the wrong choice for Wisconsin.

  3. Skip

    Get over it. The 2nd Amendment was never meant to allow everyone to own a gun for shits & giggles. We need to get past this false notion and decide as a nation what gun rights we want because the amendment is outdated.

    Now, tell me Madison Teachers, Inc. endangers good people.

  4. The Constitution is outdated? Why because he does not fit the agenda you want? What else about the Constitution is outdated?

    What gun rights we want? Very simple it is my right to bear arms and protect myself and my family from liberal extremist who want to deny my the right provided by the Constitution for over 200 years.

    As for MTI, a large group of liberals indoctrinating young children into the lifestyle of liberalism….I see a lot of harm in that.

  5. getagrip

    Skip is correct about the gun issue.

    Though some like notalib fail to understand the intent of the framers of the Constitution, the courts have always ruled in the opposite direction. Therefore Federal judges have allowed a range of gun-control measures imposed by governments seeking to curb gun violence.

    Lower court judges overwhelmingly have ruled that the right “to keep and bear arms” isn’t for individuals, but instead applies to state militias, such as National Guard units. The U.S. Supreme Court repeatedly declined to hear appeals of those rulings, fueling the debate over gun control and tension between the law and public opinion. Public opinion of course in large measure is wrong, and based on uneducated assumptions.

    I read enough here to to know that notalib is notverybright. Not sure of the gender of this person but do know that he lives outside Dane County and has no active understanding of MTI. Yet he has thoughts about MTI that are pure rhetoric and void of fact or insight.

    Dropping in on this blog to comment on something unknown seems all he does. I suspect Deke likes another reader…..but….

  6. I love this blog I read it daily. Disagree with most of what is said but enjoy it anyway. BTW Deke did you ever get the movie I recommended, In The Shadow of the Moon.

    As for getagrip, I am bright enough to have you trained to jump through my hoops.

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