Lake Monona Melts Ice While Creating Sights And Sounds

Lake Monona produced sights and sounds on Sunday as it ushered in spring that made me get a camera, along with some neighbors and their kids.  Then we all ventured along the shore.  The brisk winds had brought the ice from the middle of the lake up to the shores in large broken segments.  Much like plate tectonics, the ice rose up over other frozen slabs, and at that point where they slid past each other the rays of the sun and warmth had melted the ice in such a way that frozen straw-like icicles were formed.  Then with more force by the winds the icicle-like formations, averaging about 10″ in length, grouped together in their own slab-like chunks of ice on the shore.  (Picture above) One could reach down among these straw-like formations and grab them up.  The tinkling sound of icicles sounded like glass breaking, while the sound of the larger ice chunks in the water sounded like breathing at times as the water sloshed underneath.  It was magnificent!  As the day grew warmer the single icicles melted together, thus taking away some of the slendor.

The fact that the wind blew from the south-southeast, with some gusts reaching over 25 mph, helped push the ice to the convention center side of Lake Monona. 


The ice breaks up on Lake Monona

I picked up a bundle of the icicles and crashed them on the water creating this effect above.

The delicate and fragile icicle-like after effects of melting ice.

A close-up of the icicles.

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List Of Democratic Superdelegates Around The Nation, And If They Support Barack Obama Or Hillary Clinton

As the Democratic race for the party nominaiton continues, here is the latest information on how the superdelegates have aligned themselves between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I find it amusing that Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl can’t make a decision…….

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