John McCain’s Iraq Speech Interrupted By Green Zone Bombing On MSNBC

No one can make this stuff up.


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“Good Morning Baltimore” From Hairspray

We all get a tune that gets stuck in our head and will not stop repeating.  Last year when I first saw “Hairspray” I was very taken by the great writing of the songs, solid singing, and magnificent dancing in each of the musical numbers. I recall reading about the play in the early 1980’s while it played in New York,  a campier version of the movie.  The review some 20-plus years ago made me really want to see it.  A couple decades later were well worth the wait.  It was a splendid film, and one that makes movie-going a pure pleasure.  Who did not fall in love with the style and charm of Nikki Blonsky?  So last week we watched the DVD of the film at home, and the music just will not stop playing in my head.  Getting a copy of the soundtrack is now only feeding the endless loop in my brain.  So while the world has many issues I could write about…….all I can think of is “Good Morning Baltimore”!

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In An Absolut World

One of my favorite blogs, Strange Maps, takes up the issue of the ad that has many talking, and complaining.  For those offended, might I add it is only an advertisement!  And I think a clever one.

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