In An Absolut World

One of my favorite blogs, Strange Maps, takes up the issue of the ad that has many talking, and complaining.  For those offended, might I add it is only an advertisement!  And I think a clever one.

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7 thoughts on “In An Absolut World

  1. Probably not smart to upset the country that is going to buy way more of your product as oppossed to getting in good with the other country with less money and less people.

  2. hotoffthepress

    Caffeinated Politics — Frankly, I’m less concerned about advertisements than I am about miscarriages of justice. That said, I invite you and your readers to help me convince New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson to pardon Peter Lynch. Lynch is the Air Force veteran who was found guilty of a crime after he removed a Mexican flag from the University of New Mexico after he found it flying alone, told officials about the violation of flag protocol and ran up against a “brick wall” before taking matters into his own hands.

  3. Then you will enjoy the joke that goes with it.

    MEXICAN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT: Yay! I’ve made it to America!

    MEXICAN OFFICIAL: I’m afraid not. We took over most of the west coast. You’re still like a thousand miles from the American border.

    MEXICAN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT: Crap. Do you have any work I can do?

    MEXICAN OFFICIAL: Of course not. This is Mexico

  4. Well let us be clear about Peter Lynch. He is not the upstanding man that some paint him to be.

    He tore down and ripped up a Mexican flag flying on the University of New Mexico campus last year and was convicted of a misdemeanor charge of criminal damage to property and sentenced to a six-month deferred term.

    It only took a Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court jury less than half an hour to reach the verdict against Lynch 30, a UNM student, and needless to say old enough, once would think, to know better.

    Judge Clyde DeMersseman imposed a deferred sentence, meaning that if Lynch successfully completes probation, the offense will be erased from his record. The judge also ordered Lynch to replace the flag, perform 48 hours of community service and complete an anger management program. I think some cultural sensitivity lessons might help too.

    Lynch had admitted tearing down the flag, saying he was acting out of patriotism because it wasn’t accompanied by a U.S. flag. Common sense from a cracker jack box?

    The Mexican flag, flown for Mexican Independence Day, was never supposed to be left flying by itself. When Army ROTC members retired the U.S. and state flags Sept. 14, they left the Mexican flag, thinking its owners would take it down. That didn’t happen. Then the Army ROTC students who were supposed to raise the U.S. and state flags the following Monday forgot. (Seems Lynch is wrong over the wrong ‘thing’)

  5. So all he was doing was helping to take the flag down that was forgotten, why as he punished for being helpful?

    But thats what great about America you can disrespect the US flag, burn it, crap on it, do whatever and the left will applaud you, but then exercise that same freedom against a flag of a foreign country and the left labels you a criminal.

    What a sad place progressives have made a once great country.

  6. You do understand that what he did was against the law, the law that conservatives always say we should live and abide by. This is not a ‘progressive issue’ just because the dude in question was a former member of the military. He was on property not his own, and acting in a fashion by destroying the property of others.

    Why don’t you go to your neighbors today and take down the tree that offends you.

    Tell me how things go.

  7. Clinton

    Yes, a crime against our flag, in our country. The flag he took down was a mexican flag, in the United States. The flag has no more servicable right than a pillow case.

    As for him taking cultural sympathy classes. Why? He is in America and as such should be subject to only holding sympathy to the American way of life.

    Yes, this country was founded by immigrants, but when are we going to STOP being immigrants. There comes a point when we should say we are citizens of the U.S. and not a foreigner. The same should stand for those that come to this country.

    The flag was up for celebrating another countries holiday? Why? Its their country, let them celebrate it in their lands.

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