ACTION ALERT: Call Wisconsin Management Company Regarding Their Refusal To Cancel Lease Of Fiance Who Shared Apartment With Murdered UW Girlfriend, Brittany Zimmerman


PHONE NUMBER for Wisconsin Management Company is (608) 258-2080.  We can make a difference!

Renting in Madison can be a hellish thing.  We all know of the high prices, and management companies that do not care about much other than the bottom line.  Now comes word that Wisconsin Management Company will not allow the fiance of Brittany Zimmerman, a college student murdered in Madison, to be released from his lease.  The murder took place in the apartment that the two shared.  The fiance, Jordan Gonnering, discovered her body in the apartment. 

Plain and simple, this is absurd.  WKOW-27 Reports.

Sources close to Gonnering tell 27 News Reporter Dan Cassuto the company is refusing to release him from the lease he and Zimmerman signed together. If he is not released from the lease, Gonnering would be forced to keep living in the apartment or make payments through August 2009.

Cold heartless bastards is the only way to sum up how Wisconsin Management Company is dealing with this matter.  There is no way that Gonnering should be expected to live or pay rent on that place any longer.  He no longer wants to even set foot in the place.  And rightfully so.  He will need new living arrangements, and should not be expected to pay for two places.  The guy needs to heal and there is no way that can happen in that apartment.  There is no reason he should keep paying for the place.  He needs to be allowed to break the lease. Now.

CALL Wisconsin Management Company and tell them that this is wrong and needs to be corrected at once.  The corporate phone number is (608) 258-2080.

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Time Magazine’s “Raising Obama” A Great (Must) Read

How Barack Obama’s mother made him who he is will make for a great read for Democrats who support him, and Republicans who need to know more about the next President of the United States.  Time Magazine presents a well-written piece.  Anyone who knows the story of Obama as a child, or cares about the impact that his mom had on his life, will find reading this time well spent.  A portion is here below.

“When I think about my mother,” Obama told me recently, “I think that there was a certain combination of being very grounded in who she was, what she believed in. But also a certain recklessness. I think she was always searching for something. She wasn’t comfortable seeing her life confined to a certain box.”

Obama’s mother was a dreamer. She made risky bets that paid off only some of the time, choices that her children had to live with. She fell in love—twice—with fellow students from distant countries she knew nothing about. Both marriages failed, and she leaned on her parents and friends to help raise her two children.

“She cried a lot,” says her daughter Maya Soetoro-Ng, “if she saw animals being treated cruelly or children in the news or a sad movie—or if she felt like she wasn’t being understood in a conversation.” And yet she was fearless, says Soetoro-Ng. “She was very capable. She went out on the back of a motorcycle and did rigorous fieldwork. Her research was responsible and penetrating. She saw the heart of a problem, and she knew whom to hold accountable.”

Today Obama is partly a product of what his mother was not. Whereas she swept her children off to unfamiliar lands and even lived apart from her son when he was a teenager, Obama has tried to ground his children in the Midwest. “We’ve created stability for our kids in a way that my mom didn’t do for us,” he says. “My choosing to put down roots in Chicago and marry a woman who is very rooted in one place probably indicates a desire for stability that maybe I was missing.”

Ironically, the person who mattered most in Obama’s life is the one we know the least about—maybe because being partly African in America is still seen as being simply black and color is still a preoccupation above almost all else. There is not enough room in the conversation for the rest of a man’s story.

But Obama is his mother’s son. In his wide-open rhetoric about what can be instead of what was, you see a hint of his mother’s credulity. When Obama gets donations from people who have never believed in politics before, they’re responding to his ability—passed down from his mother—to make a powerful argument (that happens to be very liberal) without using a trace of ideology. On a good day, when he figures out how to move a crowd of thousands of people very different from himself, it has something to do with having had a parent who gazed at different cultures the way other people study gems.

It turns out that Obama’s nascent career peddling hope is a family business. He inherited it. And while it is true that he has not been profoundly tested, he was raised by someone who was.

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Katie Couric Might Leave CBS Anchor Role In Weeks

Having never thought that Katie Couric was a good fit as the anchor for the CBS Evening News, I was not surprised to read the news today of a possible decision soon to replace her as anchor.  This comes just days after it was announced that finally she would get her own chance to moderate a presidential debate on CBS April 27th from North Carolina.  I had wondered when she would get a chance to do what every other anchor had done this campaign season.

The news today about her possible exit as anchor comes after awful ratings for the once proud CBS news division.  To be fair to Couric, the anchor role  was not the best way to showcase her better skills as an interviewer.  But I still think the return of the anchor chair to a more solid type of reporter is a great idea for CBS.

As The New York Times reports today there is plenty of speculation about her future.

However, rumors from CBS News and reported in the news media may have, inadvertently or not, done what the meeting failed to do: ensured Ms. Couric’s early departure.

Though some people close to Ms. Couric, as well as some professional associates, said Thursday they believed that it was now likely she would not remain as anchor through the election, and might even leave in the next few weeks, that point was adamantly denied by the senior executives closest to the decision.

“Katie is absolutely going to continue as anchor until the inauguration and very possibly beyond that,” one said.

The executives involved in the situation said that no discussions of Ms. Couric’s future had taken place since the February meeting. Yet the news that she and CBS were even considering an end to the first effort to have a woman as the primary anchor of a network news division surfaced in press reports in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and elsewhere on Thursday, creating a situation that appeared to leave Ms. Couric vulnerable.

“She’s not a definite lame duck,” a senior executive who has been close to the situation said. “Nothing is decided.”

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Vinyl LP Recordings Coming Back! Elvis Costello Ignores CD Format (And Where To Buy Vinyl)

The trend by some recording artists to use vinyl again is wonderful for folks like myself who have long known that the warm rounded sound that is found on an LP never has existed on a CD.  One understands there is a big difference in sound if you grew up in the vinyl era like I did.  While I love change in the tech world, I also admit to having very warm and sentimental feelings about things such as the ‘pop’ on an LP.   The vast majority of music I listen to at our home is on albums.  (James being 10 years younger listens more to CD’s)  Now over the past many months I have become more aware that I am not alone in my thinking.  (Regardless of what James thinks.) (Smile)

I heard the news this past Christmas that makers of record players were having a grand season with sales as more music lovers aged 18-35 were buying the machines to play vinyl on.  Now there is news that Elvis Costello will ignore the CD format and record his newest album since 2004 on vinyl.   While small name bands have done the same thing for years, Costello is a powerhouse performer who is making a clear statement.

Costello has a unique marketing plan for his new release. Costello’s nontraditional release strategy for Momofuku. At least at first, it will come out only on vinyl, with a digital download code inside the package.

I recall with fondness browsing among albums as a teenager on Saturday afternoons in Stevens Point.  From the music store on Main Street (Graham’s?) to Woolworths there was something special about looking at albums.  The colorful covers and liner notes were easy to read and just pure fun.  Buying vinyl today is more difficult, but not impossible with sites such as      I heard Barry Mayer, owner of the site, interviewed last night and his love for vinyl is genuine.  He has an amazing selection! Even the real Elvis!  (Smile)

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