ACTION ALERT: Call Wisconsin Management Company Regarding Their Refusal To Cancel Lease Of Fiance Who Shared Apartment With Murdered UW Girlfriend, Brittany Zimmerman


PHONE NUMBER for Wisconsin Management Company is (608) 258-2080.  We can make a difference!

Renting in Madison can be a hellish thing.  We all know of the high prices, and management companies that do not care about much other than the bottom line.  Now comes word that Wisconsin Management Company will not allow the fiance of Brittany Zimmerman, a college student murdered in Madison, to be released from his lease.  The murder took place in the apartment that the two shared.  The fiance, Jordan Gonnering, discovered her body in the apartment. 

Plain and simple, this is absurd.  WKOW-27 Reports.

Sources close to Gonnering tell 27 News Reporter Dan Cassuto the company is refusing to release him from the lease he and Zimmerman signed together. If he is not released from the lease, Gonnering would be forced to keep living in the apartment or make payments through August 2009.

Cold heartless bastards is the only way to sum up how Wisconsin Management Company is dealing with this matter.  There is no way that Gonnering should be expected to live or pay rent on that place any longer.  He no longer wants to even set foot in the place.  And rightfully so.  He will need new living arrangements, and should not be expected to pay for two places.  The guy needs to heal and there is no way that can happen in that apartment.  There is no reason he should keep paying for the place.  He needs to be allowed to break the lease. Now.

CALL Wisconsin Management Company and tell them that this is wrong and needs to be corrected at once.  The corporate phone number is (608) 258-2080.

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14 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT: Call Wisconsin Management Company Regarding Their Refusal To Cancel Lease Of Fiance Who Shared Apartment With Murdered UW Girlfriend, Brittany Zimmerman

  1. Mike

    One of the articles [URL=][/URL].
    has the name of the owner of the property WMC is managing – Carl Van Rooy. His company has its own website [URL=][/URL] with contact emails.

  2. Cheryl B.


    Too cool. People all over Madison are concerned for Jordan and the way Wisconsin Management Corp has unethically behaved. They have lots of apartments and should have no problem letting him move so he doesn’t have to live where he found his dead fiance. This is more than absurd. It is abhorent. Glad to hear UW is helping.


  3. Also, this company manages and owns rentals in many states. This information should be posted nationwide so other cities strike against them as well.

    Other cities need to know the ethics of this company.

  4. Faye Stickney

    I sent an e-mail, letter and called about this situation. I can under the not wanting to break a lease in certain situations. This is not one of them. We had a situation in my community where a young lad slipped and fell at home and cut the main artery in his wrist and bleed to death. This young lads mom came to his house and found him. When this lads roomie came home, he found police all over his appartment. His landlord let him break the lease. This kid did not even see his friend dead in the house. I can not imagine finding my loved one murdered in my own house and keeping my house. What visons will you always have when you walk into that house????????

  5. Dana Pellebon

    Things aren’t always what they seem, please see press release

    Press Release – For immediate release

    Wisconsin Management Company, Inc. extends its deepest condolences to both the Zimmerman and Gonnering families. We regret how our statement on Friday was characterized. Wisconsin Management Company, Inc. takes great pride in our service and commitment to our residents. We felt it inappropriate, one week after the incident, to discuss the particulars of the lease situation until we had spoken to the families. We have since had the opportunity to speak with Jordan’s parents. After discussing what the family wanted, we have decided to release all parties from any lease obligations. Once the property is released by the police, we will do any cleaning or repairs that are necessary. We have also offered housing to Mr. Gonnering, which he will consider. Now that this situation is resolved, we hope people can focus on the actual tragedy and work towards healing and justice.

    Russ Endres

  6. grumps

    Umm, can we just take a breath here please? The spokesman for the management company says that they haven’t spoken to Gonnering yet, themselves.

    It’s all well and good for well-intentioned folks to try to intercede on his behalf but we have created a circumstance for landlords where they may very well be forbidden from dealing with intercessionaries.

    Let’s find out what happens when Gonnering has had a chance to ask on his own behalf as lessee. Then, if WM refuses to let him out of his lease you can loose the hounds.

    Until then, a modicum of control on all parts is called for. This is red meat to the local stations who don’t want to be seen as doing nothing. I just think they’ve overstepped.

  7. Billings

    This is not the first time Wisconsin Management has refused to cancel a lease for someone that has died.

    This may be the first time Wisconsin Management has actually reconsidered and actually canceled a lease for a person that died but only after much negative press forced them.

    My Mother in law lived in what is called an affordable over 55 apartment in Oregon, Wi. on Wolf Street. Jerri passed away of natural causes leaving 6 months on her lease. My wife and I had to pay the full lease for those 6 months after Jerri had passed away.

    Now I know that murder is not the same as a natural death. I firmly believe that Wisconsin Management would have forced the full payment of rent payments had not the Madison press made it an issue.

    We did not have the Madison press to announce the behavior of Wisconsin Management and thus paid rent of $750 per month for 6 month more months with the apartment empty.

    Recommend that if your seeking an apartment that you stay clear of Wisconsin Management properties.

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