Barack Obama And John McCain Coffee Blends Made To Drink

This seems highly appropriate for a blog called Caffeinated Politics!

I would suspect that coffee might be a drink of choice often on the campaign trail, if not for the candidates themselves, then surely for the campaign staffers.  Now there is word that blends of coffees have been made for the candidates…..well most of them.

They’re roasting presidential candidates on Bill Hill, which is not nearly the same as grilling them.

Ashlawn Farm Coffee has introduced an Obama Blend, a “sweet, balanced” combination of “dark and light roasted coffees from Kenya, Java and the Americas,” and American Hero Coffee, “a light-roasted, highly caffeinated” brew that’s “edgy, strong,” made from beans grown in Vietnam. The latter’s redolent, you might say, of Sen. John McCain.

But what about a Hillary Brew?

That, says Carol Dahlke, Ashlawn co-owner and roaster, is … uh … in development.

“She doesn’t really lend herself to her own coffee blend,” Dahlke says of Sen. Hillary Clinton, who trails Sen. Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic nomination. “If she’s still in it after Pennsylvania (site of an April 22 primary), we’ll have to come up with something. … I’ve had no divine inspiration.”

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One thought on “Barack Obama And John McCain Coffee Blends Made To Drink

  1. Marion

    Liars club coffee or witches brew, stir the pot every day kind of brew would be right up her ally. She is giving the Republicans so much fodder for their commercials, one doesn’t need the swift boat people to think up shit. She has stopped talking about how to help America but has gone to what’s wrong with Obama. Hopefully her negative campaigning will catch up to her.

    His reference to her being like Anne Oakley was good. She too was a wannabe in men’s cloths totting a gun with her split skirt pants. A head strong my way or the highway attitude. And please look at whose campaign has had to get rid of workers for inappropriate whatever. She is going to be a spoiler and I think she’s trying to.

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