CNN’s Anderson Cooper To Be Traded For CBS’s Katie Couric?

If America can have our first black American president, why can’t we also have our first gay anchor during an evening news broadcast at a major TV network? 

The savvy and much admired Anderson Cooper from CNN is rumored to become the face of CBS News.  Cooper has proved his journalistic credentials over the years at CNN, and will bring a new and rejuvenating energy with him to CBS. 

Katie Couric never had the needed ‘heft’ and creditably for the job as anchor.  She will do much better in an interview format, which she has proved to be highly skilled.

I can only hope these rumors prove to be true.  And soon.

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4 thoughts on “CNN’s Anderson Cooper To Be Traded For CBS’s Katie Couric?

  1. We had a black president, when did that happen? But the real question is why does it matter if a news anchor is straight or gay, why should it matter, why does it matter? I don’t seem to remember anyone making mention when Tom Brokaw was hired his sexual preference, why is it necessary to make a issue out of anyone sexual preference? Why does it matter?

  2. Skip

    Does it really matter who is the anchor of evening news programs these days? They’re just a talking head reading a teleprompter. How much heft does a person need to regurgitate what the administration says at a press conference?

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