After Five Pick-Up Loads of Mulch……Blogging Resumes Monday

Blogging took a back seat this weekend as lawn work moved front and center.  It was mighty fun and enjoyable.  Never would I have said that when I was a teenager.  We brought home five pick-up loads of free mulch last week courtesy of the City Of Madison. (Olin Avenue location…they filled the truck with a front-end loader!  If you need mulch this is the place to go.) The mulch smelled fantastic as there was a great deal of pine in it, and so when watered it makes the yard quite aromatic. 

The mulch is now spread and several new trees, bushes, and a dogwood are now waiting for continued warm weather to flourish.  In addition we moved all of my mom’s plants that were still at our old location from last year and transplanted them.

After a bit of a sunburn, and a sense of achievement, hopefully interesting blogging will return here at some point on Monday.

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