Dick Morris Predicts The Way Barack Obama Gets The Democratic Party Nomination

I really find Dick Morris slimy.  And yet……he is not a stupid man.  I have come to respect his views, even though I feel like grabbing a shower after I see him on television where he provides his insights.

Morris has made it known for some time that Barack Obama will be the Democratic Party nominee.  And after the Pennsylvania Primary he has again written why he still holds to that view.

But don’t expect the open primaries of Indiana and North Carolina to behave like Pennsylvania’s geriatrics. Both states are younger, especially North Carolina, and independents can vote in each primary. (North Carolina is where a lot of the young people who fled Pennsylvania winters and job losses ended up).

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be treated to much hoopla about how the Democratic race is once again up for grabs. Then, on May 5, Hillary’s hopes will be dashed once more.

And then? After the votes are counted in all the primaries, look for the Gang of Four – Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and John Edwards – to join together and issue a challenge to the superdelegates: Make up your minds.

Together, they’ll probably demand that these appointed delegates commit to one candidate or the other by mid June. And since the primaries will have lifted Obama over 1,900 delegates (elected and super), he’ll only need about 100 more, out of about 300 uncommitted superdelegates.

Their hands forced, enough superdelegates will go to Obama to put him over the top – he’ll be the candidate.

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