Richard Nixon And Elvis Presley Kept In Touch By Phone

New information is being made available courtesy of Egil Krogh regarding the relationship between Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley.  It was a most remarkable scene, if you can image it, when the King of Rock and Roll walked into the office of the straight-laced President.   In fact, the images from that meeting are now legendary.   To be a fly on the wall……

Of all the requests made each year to the National Archives for reproductions of photographs and documents, one item has been requested more than any other. That item, more requested than the Bill of Rights or even the Constitution of the United States, is the photograph of Elvis Presley and Richard M. Nixon shaking hands on the occasion of Presley’s visit to the White House.

And now new information that keeps the story growing more interesting.

Friendship apparently meant more to Elvis Presley than politics. Egil “Bud” Krogh, the presidential aide who was convicted of running Richard Nixon‘s “plumber” unit and who also guided Elvis around the White House on Dec. 21, 1970, reveals that the King and the former president kept in touch even after Watergate forced Nixon from office. Krogh, who is updating his The Day Elvis Met Nixon with the new revelation, says Elvis phoned Nixon in 1974 when the ex-prez was suffering from life-threatening phlebitis. “Something obviously happened when they met,” says Krogh, whose latest book, Integrity, is a primer on how to ethically serve a president. “They liked each other very much.” And Nixon returned the favor when Elvis fell ill. “Nixon was a defender of Elvis,” Krogh tells us.

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One thought on “Richard Nixon And Elvis Presley Kept In Touch By Phone

  1. Tony Trout

    Actually, this isn’t new information. It’s supposedly widely known that Nixon and Elvis kept in touch even after Nixon left office…..

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