The Capital Times Stops Printed Newspaper Today

I am sad about the state of newspapers in the country right now.  Everywhere I look there is a newspaper that is suffering from fewer readers and lower ad revenues.  Even the venerable New York Times is dealing with the woes that have settled into the newspaper industry.  For years there was talk about the financial condition of The Capital Times, and how much longer it could remain viable in Madison.  Earlier this year the paper decided to stop a printed version and become an online news source.  So while we knew this day was coming for The Capital Times, it still is hard to witness.  And while the ‘paper’ will still be an online version we all know that this is no longer a newspaper.  A real thing to be held in our hands and savored.

I know I am one of the minority that still loves the smell of the printed newspaper and the ink that it leaves on my fingers after a read.  I still am one of those who love to take it with me to the coffee shop or the yard to read at my leisure.  I am a dwindling number of folks who still clip articles and send them to friends and relatives with a note attached.

Newspapers have always been a source of news and information for me and to see one succumb to economic pressure is not a great way to start any day.

So I will now go to the front steps and pick The Capital Times up for the last time.  No, not the way I wish to start my day.

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