Monitoring Bears In Maine, And Protecting Them Everywhere


There have been a few loves that never have faded in my 40-plus years, bears being one of them.  Whether it is preserving their area for feeding in the west, or preventing the extinction of the polar bears due to global warming, my first reaction is always what is in the best interest of the bears.  They were here first, and need us to be their advocates.

When I read of a study in Maine where collared bears were examined I was curious about the findings.  The pictures of how entry was made to the bear cave is remarkable and worth the time of my readers.  But when I saw the pictures of the mother bear and her cubs I again feel so strongly that we must do right by them as a species.  I suspect my readers will too.   It is imperative that we strive to insure their long-term survival, and control our ever-consuming lust for the habitat area that is rightfully theirs.

I find it galling to read of people in the western states who find it surprising that bears might be foraging for food in the trash bins of humans……on land that once was the feeding grounds for the wild bear.  I find it troubling that too many in Washington, D.C. fail to understand that the environmental policies of our country must factor in when considering if the polar bear should be placed on the extinction list.

These large wonderful creatures, whether they are brown, black, or white, need our attention.   We have to do everything we can to insure that they remain a part of our future, not because they are cute….but because it is the moral and proper thing to do.



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