Watch Reverend Wright At NAACP Convention

I have not felt that Reverend Wright had a fair playing field while the continuing loops of news tape repeated endlessly over the past weeks on all-news networks.  Taken in snips, and out of context, Wright was maligned and used as a political tool by the opponents of presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Reverend Wright, who has long had a respected resume for his intelligence and scope in the religious community around the nation suffered the onslaught and slurs in silence.  This weekend he rightfully responded.  First he joined Bill Moyers, always worth viewing on PBS, and then on Sunday night he delivered a speech at the NAACP dinner.

And he deserves to be heard.   I am proud to use this blog as a way to allow viewers to see the NAACP dinner speech.

So here is Reverend Wright.

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4 thoughts on “Watch Reverend Wright At NAACP Convention

  1. The more he’s on, the more I like him and dislike Obama. Listening to Wright I hear a man who is centered by experience, and social justice, but when I hear Obama all I hear is an empty soul. Someone who reminds me of Jim Carrey in the Mask after it has totally taken control. I’d actually vote for Rev. Wright, but then maybe that is because he’s no politician.

  2. I’m white, over 60, live in South Carolina. I like Reverend Wright. I actually WANT to understand what my black brothers and sisters think. I respect them and Rev. Wright. If I were a Christian I would certainly be drawn to Rev. Wright’s congregation. I am now waiting to hear from Senator Obama. I want him to be president because I think he is intelligent,capable, has the right perspective, is right on the issues (pretty much), and is uniquely positioned to end the vitriolic divisions created and fostered by the Bush administration, make progress toward ending the unequaled corruption of the Bush administration and to begin a reconciliation of the undercurrent of division between my race and the black community.
    Sheila Jackson
    Greer, SC

  3. Wanda

    Rev. Wright is not a politician? I disagree. A religious congregation like Trinity holds a lot of power in Chicago and beyond. Obama was trying to unite his religious faith with his ability to lead our country and Rev. Wright betrayed that effort with his speech yesterday. Rev. Wright’s voice, as it is, won’t be understood by the majority of people living in this country largely because they aren’t black. If we want to see a black man get elected then he has to be able to relate to more that black people. My question is: Why is a black man trying to lessen Obaema’s chances at the nomination? Rev. Wright is a very smart man and he is keenly aware of politics. He knows exactly what he’s doing and it’s hurting Obama. Why doesn’t he want Obama to succeed?

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