Barbara Walters “Infatuated” Over A United States Senator

I love gossip.  And political gossip is always more interesting than the stuff one hears about the neighbors. 

Barbara Walters has long been someone I enjoy watching as she interviews interesting personalities.  Over the years I have felt she was made the butt of jokes far too often about her style of speaking.  After a short period of time the jokes were stale.  To her credit she brushed the rudeness off, and continued doing her work for ABC.  But her candor this week about a sexual affair with a married US Senator really did take me by surprise, and proves yet again that there is always more to learn about the faces in the news.  I admit to having problems with anyone who cheats, or becomes involved in such an affair.  Even liberals such as myself can be prudes…..  I still think that marriage vows should mean something, and that is why I advocate for marriage rights for all loving couples.

After three decades of keeping mum, Barbara Walters is disclosing a past affair with married U.S. Senator Edward Brooke, whom she remembers as “exciting” and “brilliant.”

Appearing on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” scheduled to air Tuesday, Walters shares details of her relationship with Brooke that lasted several years in the 1970s, according to a transcript of the show provided to The Associated Press.

A moderate Republican from Massachusetts who took office in 1967, Brooke was the first African-American to be popularly elected to the Senate. Both he and Walters knew that public knowledge of their affair could have ruined his career as well as hers, Walters says.
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3 thoughts on “Barbara Walters “Infatuated” Over A United States Senator

  1. Well I had the same reaction to Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary as I did with George Bush doing the nasty with someone other than Barbara. Cads as husbands come in all stripes pal.

  2. Elizabeth

    I don’t think it makes you a “prude” to believe that vows should be honored. What would be the point of making them otherwise?

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