Open Letter To Barack Obama

An uncle of mine who cares about our nation, and the tone of our political discourse, wrote a letter to the Barack Obama campaign.  It struck me as one of the best stated short writings on this matter that I had read in some time, and as such post it here for my readers.

Dear Senator Obama,
        This is TO AFFIRM my belief in you at a point when so many are attacking and TO BEG you to avoid any Faustian deals to get elected.  Your dreams and integrity have won the support of many Americans.  To lower your standard to expediency would be to sell your soul.
        I believe you would not have stayed 20 years at your church if you truly disavow Jeremiah Wright.  I see him quite like the Old Testament prophets (and the Lord himself who quarreled only with the religious establishment).
        The longer I live (I’m 70) the more I believe the “average” American Christian is 95% American and 5% Christian–hardly loving God “with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbor as ourselves”.  I suspect most patriotic Americans would have supported Ceaser in Jesus’ time.
        Your commitment to practice justice and care has been blessed.  This stance is unusual in a climate of political expediency.
        I want the original Obama to get elected. He is the only one on the horizon who can inspire Americans to work together as George Bush promised in 2000.  I hope, if I have cause to write again, that I can address you as “Mr. President”.  May God bless you and help you keep faith.

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4 thoughts on “Open Letter To Barack Obama

  1. wicatholic

    I sadly have to disagree with your uncle. Barack is not the leader that will inspire Americans to work together. His ideas and plans for this country are wrong and working class people who pay taxes and struggle to make ends meet are not going to go along with his idea of more taxes. Obama is wrong for America, he is weak on defense, has no international experience and does not understand America does not want socialized medicine.

  2. Brent

    So they’re going to vote for four more years of George W. Bush instead?

    Um, is Bush running or is his name synonymous with the Republican Party?

    It sounds like the type of ignorance that you would expect from a child…

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