Lynne Cooper Harvey, Better Known As “Angel”, Paul Harvey’s Wife, Dies

Read my tribute to Paul Harvey upon his death by clicking this link.

There are some people in the world that everyone recognizes and appreciates.  Paul Harvey is one, and the lady that he often spoke of with such fondness as “Angel”, Lynne Cooper Harvey, was another.  It is with sadness that the radio world awoke to the news that she had died due to leukemia at the age of 92.  When he spoke of her on his broadcasts there was always a tone and touch that reflected a genuine love and deep respect.

There are so many fast marriages, and faster divorces in our world, and that is perhaps why the enduring working marriage of Paul Harvey and Lynne was so special.  Being together for 68 years made them unique in this day and age.  In addition to their personal commitment to each other, their professional work together created remarkable ratings for Paul Harvey and awards for each of them.  She was a true original, and radio is better because she lived and worked in the medium.

A director, writer and editor, and the producer of her husband’s radio program, Lynne Harvey was the first producer ever inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.

She is credited with coming up with many of the programming innovations that became her husband’s trademarks, and she influenced the development of broadcast news, both on radio and television.

Among her ideas were the concepts of including news features within hard-news broadcasts, and the humorous “kicker,” which became a Paul Harvey trademark.

I grew up listening to Paul Harvey “stand by for news….” every weekday as a boy, and on weekends I recall many Saturdays sitting in the car with my dad hearing the Harvey broadcast as my mom shopped.  I worked in radio at a station connected with ABC, and as such we had Paul Harvey on three times a day, including his remarkable and always entertaining “Rest of the Story” broadcasts.

I know I speak on behalf of a nation that sends deep-felt sympathy to Paul Harvey and the family.  And we wish him a return to the airwaves when his heart allows.  Knowing Paul Harvey as most of us do through the airwaves, I suspect that he needs the connection with his audience as much as we want to hear his voice and know that he is doing as well as can be expected.

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