The Morning After The Primaries Proves America Is The Winner

It does not matter this morning if you are a Republican or a Democrat.  We all can agree on one thing.  It matters not if you supported Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.  We all can agree on one thing. 

There was a mood of excitement Tuesday night among the TV pundits and anchors as the hours drifted along, well after the sun had set.  As midnight approached votes were still being counted in Lake County, Indiana, causing the outcome to still be in doubt.   The audience felt the excitement as well, regardless of whether one supported Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.  The phrase ‘barn-burner of an election’ has meaning this morning, as the primaries last night again proved that politics can be exciting and unpredictable.  In spite of all the polls and punditry it still comes down to the will of the voters as reflected in the tabulation of the ballots.  No matter how long it takes the final result comes as the voters dictate. It all proves that our political process, despite flaws such as too much money polluting the outcome, does in fact work.  It works because so many Americans are engaged in the process and want a better country.

More important than which candidate won, is the fact that the election process this year has generated so many energized voters and hopeful Americans.  We often think of the political process as unwieldy and out of control, beyond the ability of one person to make a difference.  But this year as more states have played a pivotal role in the nominating process, the feeling that the civics lessons of our youth came to life has made many aware of the vital role they play in our democracy. 

The desire of voters to hear and see the candidates, and better understand the positions they have on the issues is remarkable to witness.  The huge audiences that turn out to see the candidates in large arenas are a powerful sight to behold.   But the small towns that never have witnessed a candidate in their community and suddenly have one shaking hands in the town square can only bring a smile to even the most cynical in our nation.  The political process works, and our democracy still can create the understanding within the citizenry about the notion of individual responsibility that so many have taken to heart this year.

This election season has produced the ultimate reality TV show.  Tuesday night’s excitement was just the latest episode.  America can be proud.

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