Classic Car Show Coming To State Street For Saturday’s Farmers Market

Cars On State is just plain fun.  You do not need to be a ‘car buff’ to enjoy this free event.  Over 100 classic cars will be lined up and down State Street.  Last year was the first time that we took time to look at the show, and talk with a few of the proud owners.  It was fantastic! 

This years event will run from 10:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M., and I am sure the splash of colors and old styles will make you yearn for these models to again be for sale at the local dealerships.  So get your donuts from the market, a cup of java, and meander down State Street.

Bring your camera to share some pics with an older person that may not be able to attend, but who will still enjoy seeing a classic car from the past.  If your dad is like mine he can recite every car he owned, where he bought it, what he paid for it, and if it used a lot of oil or not, and what trips he took with it.  These types of shows bring back fond memories for many.

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